My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi Cola

lanadelreyi’m so glad to see lana del rey getting her shine.
it just goes to show that slow and steady does win the race.
keeping working on your passion.
so when i first heard lana del rey,
it was her song video games.

it was actually playing at the end of a gossip girl episode.
chuck had apologized to blair.
he then put the wedding ring outside tiffanys on the steps. ( x youtube ).
the song set a certain mood in the scene and i had to find out who was responsible for it.
lala del rey helped me get through the last few months/the after of my stressful job.
something about her music creates imagery in my mind.
it tells a story and makes me feel something when i listen to it.
i can’t explain it but i love her and every song she comes out with.
granted she isn’t the best performer,
but she helped(s) me get through whatever im going through.

lowkey: i’m glad jay z put her on the great gatsby soundtrack with ( x young and beautiful ).
everyone seems to love that song.
my shit is that,
national anthem“,
“burning desire”,
and “cola”:

look i killed that whole album so bad that my mp3 is scratched.

x read about lana’s slow rise