God Sees…

tumblr_mh6owexzBA1qhmhdfo1_500i felt a little down tonight.
it’s expected.
i realize that it won’t get any easier yet.
i was scrolling down my tumblr TL and saw this entry.
i wanted to share it with everyone.
i know besides me,
someone else out there is going through it.
this message maybe needed for the foxhole…

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Jamari Fox Answers 80 of the Sexiest Smut Questions

how do i just go from venting about the lord,
to a multi quiz about sex.
the devil just don’t want me to be great.
should i sign my vip seat to hell?

le sigh.

one of my lurker wolves sent me this in a CONTACT email.
he actually wanted me to do it,
then post it for everyone to complete.
i’m always down for a quick escape to smut, so why not!

NSFSE (not safe for straight eyes either)!


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