(Bitch) Don’t Kill My Vibe

tumblr_ly7f9ociaz1qm6oc3o1_500i believe in energy.
i believe your energy,
whatever it is you’re feeling,
can be transferred to someone else.
so depending on how you use that energy,
you can either inspire or repel.
it simple.
bitch don’t kill my vibe.
when things are going great in my life,
my energy can be at an all time high.
when I’m low,
i will never deny that i can be a bit of a downer.
i will let you know and quickly take a mental vacation.
shut everything down so i can regroup.
with this site,
it helps me to vent and just be as honest about things as i can.
things i wouldn’t tell people around me.
left on the other hand…
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