How A Mother Loves (and Smacks The Hell Out Her Cub)

article-mom-7-0429a star is born?
well the mother from the video in the last entry,
the one smackin’ the fire out her cub for wyldin’ in the baltimore streets,
has been found.
her name is toya graham and she is being labelled a hero.
well by some.
others are calling her an abusive monster who needs to be tazed on site.
everyone won’t see eye to eye on how she handled her situation.
cbs news caught up with her and she explained by she did what she did…
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f0XXX: Assault With A Deadly Penis

bangbangbangso foxes check the scenario.
wolves i know you can relate.
you talkin to a wolf,
teasin’ him in texts,
sending him booty pics,
and the whole 9 yards.
“ima put it on you.”
that’s what you sayin to him.
well ya’ll hook up after drivin’ him crazy and:


this fox in this foxxx clearly learned the hard way…

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foXXX: Brooklyn Kid Vs Daddy… Smashin’ On Hybrid Power

when you watch the following videos from porn stars,
daddy and brooklyn kid,
you will why those eyeballs poppin out were also relevant in the videos…..

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