“It’s A Badge Of Honors To Bees A Baby Mamas”

28lrmlcCiara on the photo that she took with Future’s kids mothers ( 4 baby mamas):

This is my family. They are amazing women. I like to say they are. I wanted to capture the moment of all of us being together, and shed the light on what it is with my family. It’s kind of a blended family concept and I wanted to shed the light on that because it’s so beautiful.

It’s all about love and it’s all about positivity and that’s what I’m about. His family is my family. Anyone that comes with him, it has to be love and that’s the same for me. So that’s how I live.

You know you can’t over think things. When things are right and people can have their own way of how they look at things, and how they want to judge and speak on something but you know what something is and that’s what matters.

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