Stress, Stress, Go Away (Don’t Cum Again Another Day)

tumblr_mtfqn4N2Ng1sgscc9o1_500so today was an off day.
i don’t even know where the day went to be totally honest.
i know i cleaned up,
but the rest of it was a blur.
i felt weird.
like tense about something.
i don’t know what,
but it could do with thinking about some personal issues,
how im gonna pay some bills,
and trying to figure out things within my life that are bugging me.
i caught up on queen latifah’s talk show and she had a segment on an app called “stress check”.
you download it to your phone,
put your finger to your camera lens,
and it can check your stress level and give you an accurate reading.
well you know i like to try some new shit out.
this is what it told me just 10 minutes ago
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