chick-fil-a hatches up another scandal

 i have a confession for the foxhole.
remember when i went down to florida,
like years ago,
to go and stay with karaoke for a while?

That was the first time I ever had Chick-Fil-A

judge me if you must.
i was very “eh” on it.
it made me sick the second time i tried it.
i prefered this one spot,
i could get with them.
at my last job,
chick-fil-a was around the corner.
my home vixen put me on to their cobb salad and that was good.
i haven’t eaten there in like a year tho.
chick-fil-a doesn’t likethe gays.
i was late in learning they’re an OD christian establishment.
they donated quite a bit of money to anti-lgbtq groups and well…
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