so i indulged in harlem on amazon prime and well…

i love shows that revitalize my sense of purpose.
we all need a boost from our current circumstances.
even though the shows are fiction,
we often see what we want in life through the lens of a tv show.
all the white vixens moved to new yawk to experience that “sex and the city” lifestyle.
i worked with white girls that piled in a one-bedroom to live their best hoe life because of that show.

harlem on amazon prime did that for me over the weekend.
it was created by tracy oliver who was a writer on one of my favorite “black girl friendship” movies,
girls trip“.
the show was also executive produced by pharrell williams and amy poehler.
i saw the trailer a week ago:

…and i was sold when i saw my childhood crush,
meagan good.
after watching it in one sitting until 4 am on saturday…

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amazon’s “them” nearly made me lose my entire mind tonight!!!!

i’ve watched some shit on tv and in movies that had my mind blown.
there were scenes that have disturbed my spirit,
but i watched a disney movie afterward to calm myself down.
i’ve been hearing folks talk about a show on amazon prime titled “them“.
i did peep the trailer a week before it came out and was excited to watch.


it gave me heavy “lovecraft country” vibes.
this show has been the talk of the social media forests,
either great reviews or terrible ones.
the foxholers warned me about this show when i asked about it on my ig stories.

“It’s black torture porn.”

and this comes with spoilers

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jeff loagz out here doing sex scenes ‘n’ shit? (um hi, i’m sitting front row)

some time ago,
it must have been last year-ish,
i said jeff logan aka jeff loagz should be in the movies.
he should play a henchman or something.
the tatts and the jawline would make him the perfect on-screen villain.
i felt like he had the look and attitude to play that really well.
so i was minding my business,
which means not really,
and came across this via “az nude“…

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