f0xmail: DL, Married, 5 Cubs, and Wants My Foxhole BAD!



Hey jamari!

I’ve been to your site for about a month now and you’re like a daily breath of fresh air. Most blogs tend to follow the typical trends but yours is completely different. I’m in a bit of a situation and I feel like I could really use your advice.
I recently met this guy through a mutual friend on Facebook. He was tall, handsome with dreads down his back and I personally though even if he was gay or bi that I wouldn’t be his type. I also saw that he was with a really beautiful girl in his profile picture so I didn’t pay him any mind, until he sent me a message. We began talking and I feel like we hit it off, until the topic of his woman came up. He told me that he was dl with a WIFE AND 5 KIDS at home… That halted things pretty quickly for us yet he continuously pursues me. He said he’s a top, so I feel like what would I have to offer him that his wife couldn’t? He even went so far as to send me nudes (which were REALLY nice, btw) to try convincing me, telling me his marriage is failing and he no longer has a sex life with her, it isn’t actually cheating because it wasn’t with another girl… LOL. Now, I’ve always valued the sanctity of marriage and I would never put myself between it , but he made me feel things about him that I’ve never felt about anyone else but I can’t bring myself to violate his wife like that, yet I can’t bring myself to completely cut him off either. I really want this guy but I don’t think I could live with that on my conscience. It was nice though that he was completely honest from the beginning. It also makes me think about how many others he’s been cheating with. I now understand why so many people choose to be jumpoffs…

What should I do?


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