so they got video of lauren london going to see nipsey (smh)

ya know,
even though is dragging nipsey to hell,
i feel for lauren london.
someone recorded an alleged video of her at the hospital…

that vixen is going to broken.
that video made me so sad.
i can’t imagine losing my significant other so tragically.
the one i share a cub with.
i would be inconsolable.
you would have to put me on a psychotic hold.
even though she knew his life before she got with him,
it doesn’t make it less heartbreaking.
i’m gonna uplift her in prayer.

lowkey: there is a longer video.
he was kicked in the head after he was shot.

whoever that was definitely knew him.

11 thoughts on “so they got video of lauren london going to see nipsey (smh)

  1. Crime of passion, you say?…He made sure that man was dead. That’s a kill when someone is truly pissed off….and for a reason. A hit was out on you for something…

  2. My thing is is that why does everything have to be recorded? Every emotion, every feeling, everything has to be recorded? Why? Can she not have a time to herself to understand what is going on and accepting it before someone shoves a camera in her fuckin face? She can’t even grieve without the internet scrutinizing her. Ughh

    1. ^i was telling someone today that everyone who has a tragic death may have their final moments for the world to see.
      it’s really sad to me.

  3. Now that’s some cold blooded shit do you know how much hate you have to have inside of you to do such a thing human nature is a bitch! But karma is even more of a bitch when it catches up with you and hope this man gets the justice he deserves.

    1. ^maybe i’m too compassionate for my own good,
      but i thought that was fucked up when he kicked him in the head.
      he left,
      came back and shot him some more,
      left again,
      and then came back to shoot him some more times.

      definitely a crime of passion.

  4. Bitch if you don’t got the video why you posting this. Talking about alleged. Clickbaiting bitch

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