she outed a dl male on fb live yesterday and faced her consequences today

spilling folks secrets will get you caught tf up or killed.
once you open that pandora’s box,
you gotta know it might not end well.
so ^that lady from indianapolis decided to extort a dl male she knew.
when he didn’t want to pay her the 5,000 she requested,
she decided to out him on facebook live yesterday.
she dropped all his information for close to 17 minutes,
even though she expressed they were trying to allegedly kill her.


this is the outcome that happened today via “blackindylive“…

An Indianapolis woman is reportedly dead, just hours after a Facebook Live video where she exposed a local man for allegedly being homosexual.

This morning a woman was gunned down on the near northwestside of Indianapolis — and the victim has been preliminarily identified as Jane Waughfield.

Yesterday, Jane went to Facebook live to describe a situation that many are now saying led to her death.

more info on the scene via “wthr“:

A woman has died in a shooting that led to a multi-car crash on the near northwest side.

It happened around 9:30 a.m. near 30th Street and Lafayette Road.

Police in the area said they heard gunshots and then the crash involving four cars.

Mike Smith was near the intersection when the crash happened and witnessed the violent impact.

When the Camaro hit the other car, it spun it at least three times and hit the Altima. So when he gets out of the car in one piece, which I was very surprised, he runs over to the Camaro to make sure she was alright,” Smith said.

The woman in that car had been shot. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition and later died.

this is what she allegedly posted on her ig stories as well:

she went in on him on her social outlets.
did she really think this would end well for her?

social media is such a blessing and a curse.

Anyone who is being extorted is going to react.

this never ends well in the movies and it won’t in real life.
sure you can get a payout for a little,
but the moment you’re caught slipping is when you’ll get got.
if he wasn’t fuckin’ someone she knew,
while fuckin’ other males on the low

Why did she feel the need to go the extra mile?

her untimely death could have prevented.
the crazy part is…

If the alleged DL hyena in this story killed her,
now his ass will be outed for all the forests to see.

dumb decisions all around because they both ended up losing.
one lost their life and the other lost their freedom.

low-key: i bet those folks who was egging her on in the background are as quiet as church mice now.
don’t let folks gas you up to do something you’ll regret.

article cc: blackindylive | wthr

29 thoughts on “she outed a dl male on fb live yesterday and faced her consequences today

  1. I just read that there are videos on her FB where she is bragging about breaking out windows about men shooting at her car in the past.Apparently she was always involved in drama,one person called her a shit starter.I see she called herself “The Mayor”.This shooting may not even be related to the outing.The police are still investigating but no arrests have been made according to a local news station.So we don’t know who the shooter is or the motive yet.

    And we don’t know if she was even telling the truth in the video about what she claimed she saw.There is no evidence(no voicemails,texts,video) that I’ve seen that supports what she said.But I know this case has stirred up more anti gay hate ( not just anti – DL) on black blogs and gossip sites.

  2. Jane was a criminal herself, she had been arrested more than once. She thought she could come up against drug dealers, she died.

  3. Its funny that no one here seems to have a problem with the fact that he was fucking his cousin.

  4. Can we PLEASE acknowledge the biphobia that black women are so damn proud of, even while they be out there eating pussy. I know other racism have issues with bi men but black women seem proud as fuck about it. She felt sick because a man who munched her pussy once also fucks with men? Biphobia killed this woman. Other women be egging them on about outing these bi men. Maybe if women, particularly black women stopped acting like bi dick was worse than ebola then there would be far fewer closeted men and you catching a dude fucking another dude in the privacy of his own home wouldn’t have blown your mind, fucked up your judgment and ended yo life.

  5. “He came for me like he gangsta”.

    When people show you who they are, believe them – Maya Angelou.

  6. She said …..'”He came for me like he Gangsta””:.. he said.. “B@tch ,” I don’t owe you know explanation”… Knowing all this she still took the unfortunate actions and steps that led to her demise…..

  7. If you’re going to fuck your cousin in the ass, best to do so behind a locked door. Or even at a hotel.

  8. I don’t like the way she is dressed in that video. Did she not know people would see that ugly sweatshirt? Maybe she got caught up in a moment but she should have really thought about what does this outfit say about me and am I putting my best foot forward before going live with that. Dude in the picture looks like every 4th person on the street here in philly.

  9. Foolishness all around. Her wanting a bag cost her, her life. His ego cost him his freedom. So much of this was uncalled for. I understand that she probably felt decieved but at the same time the guy was right: he didn’t have to explain shit to her. They weren’t in a relationship and they hooked up once and that was 2 years ago. As for they guy who killed her he’s an idiot. He could’ve easily gone to the police and had her arrested for blackmail and extortion. I do believe those two things are illegal. Instead of doing the smart thing he decides to ruin his life completely. Now he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. In prison for some shit that would’ve probably blown over in a couple of months! SMH.

  10. I don’t feel sorry for her. You play with fire, you gonna get burned. She got what she deserved.

  11. I am sorry but she brought that shit on herself. This is one of the reasons men….all men are on the dl. Just think and use a little part of your brain. This is the reason my brothas keep it secret. Family, job, discrimination, ridicled, being judge, losing friends. Interesting how disgusting Gay sex is. Some folks act like its easy as 123 to disclose. Yeah right.

    Hate to say it, but you reap what you sow. Hopefully, others will take it as a warning.I am really close to saying she got what she deserved.

        1. Where was it that he was sleeping with her, I missed that part? I thought she was extorting HIM to quiet. He don’t owe her shit. If she was a best friend, why she didn’t tell her best friend or whoever it was she knew. She didn’t care, she wanted the money.

          Its ok for her to extort money from him to stay out his business. Yeah ok. I don’t feel any sympathy for her, she brought that on herself. Stop testing people and you won’t get hurt. She committed a crime and she paid for it with her life. All she had to do was mind her business or if she was being a good friend, she should’ve told her friend to leave him alone but no she didn’t.

  12. All say it this, sometimes it’s wise to keep secrets to yourself. Proverbs 11:13. Just my piece of wisdom. 🙏🏽

  13. Why it look like she walking through the damn Taj Mahal? She done burn 2000 calories over the course of the video. She walking all over creation and saying in 17 minutes what she could have said in 17 seconds.

    Discount, bargain basement monique needed to have calmed down. All that hollering and it got her in the grave. She could have honestly just let it be because it wasn’t even slightly worth it.

    The killer in this scenario is a whole other extra extra mess. You going to throw yourself in jail because of that? Is your pride so shook that this is what you’re willing to be incarcerated for.

    People NEED to take a minute when they are heated. stop, reflect. think about how stupid your actions can become if you don’t think things through. EVERYONE would have forgotten or not even care. You could have gone lived your life anywhere else besides cell block D.

    But hey, prison has no shortage of trade and the like, and a long long time for you to think about what you did. A damn fool and a dead fool. A mess!

    Also, going by that pic alone, I could have told you he wasn’t all the way straight. Where would he even find that jacket in that size?! How many minks died for that all that collar fabric?

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