She Gone And I’m Still In Hell


liar liar is officially gone.
she decided to use her sick days for the rest of the week.
my boss broke the news to us today.
he told us we would all be doing her left over work,
while going forward,
we will all take on her work load until the new “her” arrives.
when that will be?
anyone’s guess.
we were also told that…

…since we are so short staffed,
our lunches maybe reduced.
there is only three of us as of right now.
some days it maybe an hour.
others it could be a 1/2.
breaks may not happen unless we have coverage.
it all depends on relief.
no days off for pretty much the whole summer.


i was told there is office politics happening behind the scenes.
they are on a tight budget at the moment.
upon hearing that news,
i decided to call the recruiter to find out about the job interview.
i disguised it as “wanting feed back”.
my current job is already starting with the bullshit.
i been struggling not walking out that muthafucka completely.
my bills/rent can’t pay themselves tho.

i knew it was you by the number!”

she told me the snow bunny who interviewed loved me.
the other candidate she didn’t like,
and there is always a but

“…BUT she hasn’t made any decisions yet.
hang tight!”

the fuck does that mean????
“haven’t made any decisions yet?”….?????
i thought i would be giving my two weeks on monday.
i was hoping i’d get the call/email so i could blow that popsicle stand.
now it looks like i’ll have to wait for an answer.

Girl_fighti wake up everyday dreading going to work.
it’s effecting me in all areas of my life.
without a doubt,
i HATE my job.

6 thoughts on “She Gone And I’m Still In Hell

  1. Ugh your job like most be on that bullshit, so ya are suppose to do get work and get ya breaks and lunches cut because they are under staffed, with NO PAY INCREASE . I hope you get this new job asap

  2. J. go on the Dr. and take a stress leave on their ass, and let them pay for it. FMLA is your Savior, you been there for two years so you have enough time in and its the law. Take all of your time and then come back and give your notice, take the time to hit the ground running. Your job is protected while you under FMLA even though they will be pissed, they cant get rid of you, of course they will try once you return, but even if you are not getting any money, your medical benefits will remain in effect. You may qualify for some type of short term disability or unemployment compensation while you are out. Stick it to their ass, they dont give no Fukks about you, return the favor. They may change their tune when they see you have did a stage left exit on their ass. While you are off, go to a local college and speak with a career counselor about getting certified in something so that you will always have a hustle to fall back on. Use your time off to come up. You can focus and put a plan in place, including a plan to drop kick Mi out of your crib, you being there all day will probably change her tune real quick as well, you can get in a routine of exercising, seeing whats happening in the world to write on the blog and be at ease when you look for other opportunities knowing you dont have to rush to get back or call in or be late. Also prepare you a bare bones budgets of the things you can and cant live without in case you just have to take a temp gig to pay the bills until something comes through. I am actually looking into this very thing to plan my exit out of my hell hole.

  3. wait that unheard of, is it legal to take lunch break out? thats awful, lord know I need my day off or else I flip. I feel the same at my job, and I’ve been contemplating a solo gig with design.

  4. Jamari your job is a big cluster unorganized shit hole, hang in there and hopefully the lady who interviewed you gets in touch with you by the end of this week and have good news for you.

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