pinkydoll is a really a blackdoll?

i can’t go anywhere without people going:

“Gang Gang
Gang Gang.”

pinkydoll has taken over.
^this is how i know her.
she found a niche that made her successful without getting on onlyfans.
earlier this morning,
a foxholer sent me a dm with the message:


“Scammer Queen”

i was half asleep and was confused af.
i thought the vixen next to her was some kind of new clone

^that is the real pinkydoll.
i’m not even mad.

She knows her audience.

do you think she would have had the same success with her real skin color?

i got a bridge to sell you in brooklyn.
i wonder if her career will still be the same?
the clones can’t compete:


lowkey: do dark-skinned skin males get the same pushback as dark-skinned vixens?

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  1. Yas girl. I appreciate and hate that she’s started such a trend, marketing has succeeded. She deserves her flowers.

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