Nicki Got Scared, Shook, Panickin’

“I’m a bad bitch, I’m a cunt
And I’ll kick that hoe, punt”

So Nicki, uh, did you forget to punt last night?

Rapper Nicki Minaj told authorities she was “struck” in the lower lip by a man … during a heated argument at a swanky Dallas, TX hotel last night … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

TMZ has learned … Minaj was hanging out at the pool at the fancy Palomar Hotel when she got into a very intense verbal spat with an unidentified man she was staying with.

Nicki told a hotel employee to call police … while the man went to their hotel room. Nicki followed soon after.

When cops and paramedics arrived, Nicki told authorities their poolside fight continued inside of their room … and the man hit her in her lower lip.

The man had already left the scene when cops arrived … but Nicki insisted she did NOT want to press charges. Nicki also claimed she was NOT in a relationship with the alleged attacker.

Cops tell us an incident report was taken … but no charges will be filed per Nicki’s request.

Calls to Nicki’s rep have not been returned.

I’m surprised it wasn’t Nicki and one of her many alter egos having a disagreement.
I was about to make an entry about her little sidekick, SB..
and it seems that the entry was already in the making.
I thought he was cute, but I hope he isn’t the leading man in: “When The Men of Pop Stars Attack”.
All we need is a Lamborghini, some bite marks, and a few text messages.

Now moments before the smack down,
SB posted this on Twitter:

and then later she gets:

Did Lil’ Kim set this up?

I kid.

More on this story as things go on.
Meanwhile, look at this clip of good times.


All jokes and scandal aside,

… Isn’t SB cute tho?
Wolf, Fox, or Hybrid?

More visuals to help your case.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Nicki Got Scared, Shook, Panickin’”

  1. JAY :
    That dude is a fox in wolves clothing.
    I bet he raps Nicki Minaj verses in the mirror when he’s alone.

    OMG, I DO THAT TOO!!! LOL This stone if flawless… f1!!

    Leave nicki alone. I’m nervous shes one of those girls who sticks around with an abusive man. Domestic Abuse is a lot more prevalent than we think.

      1. Onika is a pescetarian? I suppose that’s plausible although i’m not sure i believe that fully. Not easily as believe as Alicia “I don’t care if he’s still married, Don’t think of me as a homeworker” Keys or Eve and her current Snow bunny man and their future grey offspring.

    1. Lol which is why it’s fox behavior.

      A wolf may spit a really hot Nicki verse in the car in the heat of the I

  2. JAY :
    Lol which is why it’s fox behavior.
    A wolf may spit a really hot Nicki verse in the car in the heat of the I

    “She’s on a diet but my pockets eating cheesecake!”

    We can all act like Nicki isn’t the reason why we listen to certain songs like ‘Hello, Good Morning’ or ‘Monster’. But it is.

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