Marvin Bienaime’s Nude Shoots Are Selling Like Hot Cakes (See What I Did There?)

 when did marvin bienaime open a bakery and not tell us?
i mean it’s all bunz and cakes now.
he’s going super hard with the bts nudes.
his latest model,
is the latest treat in the honey bunz section…

i’m not low at all…
i’m not complaining tho.
sex and bawdy parts sell.
he knows what to serve his audience and we eat it up.

lowkey: males are funny.
they’ll complain to be featured on here,
but have no problem being butt nekkid for a photographer.
i guess all in the name of “art” and a come up,

video/picture cc: instagram

26 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime’s Nude Shoots Are Selling Like Hot Cakes (See What I Did There?)

  1. I agree with the earlier comments that these Instagram, fitness, model wolves (and sometimes jackals) are gay for pay. Take for instance Vinny and Devin. Vinny found him a new one or got tired of what will never be with Deven.

    I think Marvin has reversed the game by having some “bait” for these wannabes and they don’t mind if their assets (Thank you Marvin) is being shown because in their mind, it builds a brand and notoriety. However, they will be behind scenes preying on insecure and older foxes for $20 here for a pic or pose to their phone or if they in a major city, they making money for “chillin” and training.

    Most of these models are broker than a miminum wage earner without overhead.

    1. I think Vinny & Deven are still in cahoots. Deven posted a story on Instagram of him talking to Vinny on FaceTime a few days ago

  2. Having done shoots for 30 years, all straight men will start off telling you they are straight and are only doing this to build their portfolio. Keep in mind 95% of photographer happen to be men. If you are good, it doesn’t matter what you are as long as you make them look good. They will come. Then if you tell them your only interest is photography, you become a challenge because every straight man thinks a gay man wants them. So when you shut down hints and inuendo egos take over and you become the prey. Some shoots everyone is professional but others models are hustlers on the make. Lol

  3. If I was a gay man I’d get on my knees and bury my face in that cake. And if I were a Christian, I’d say Lord Have Mercy 😝

    I’m just saying.

  4. Straight Males don’t complain in that situation probably because money is usually involved. They don’t like any of us outside of money offerings. I hardly ever faun over straight men. If I do, once they show the ass I. E. Opening their mouth to say something stupid) they become an afterthought almost immediately.

    1. @Jammy

      U mnow what? This is a pretty astute point. I feel the same. Straight dudes can make ya weak in the knees but it only takes a millisecond to be absolutely turned off by them.

  5. All of this for Instagram? Because idk who will take these guys seriously other than some porn directors or possible suitors with money to waste.

    Sex sells primarily with women, men need to have another niche if they really want to blow (no pun) off based on their looks.

  6. J, your last comment is so on point. These IG thots will bitch and moan if their pics appear on a site they consider gay…yet they get butt ass naked for the gay photographers! They need to explain THAT one. FRFR

  7. is there something you need to tell us about you and Anthony? did y’all date or just fuck? lol. j/k

  8. so what did they just get finished doing that required clothes to be off and he couldn’t find his draws…lol

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