Mama Said They’d Be Days Like This (and I’d Like More Please)
today was a pretty good day.
on this climb through these mountains,
i revel when i have a day that just goes right…

so i got to work on time.
like a half an hour early.
i was able to finish up some work i had to do.
i like when the office is quiet.
when i can have my headphones out my ears.

i got compliments all day on this outfit i threw together.

crisp white dress shirt
stripped blue cardigan
dark blue joggers with suspenders attached
stripped dark blue and white socks
pants legs tucked in

light brown boots

swag_danceeven my boss paid me a compliment.
oh word?
i knew i was looking fly.

work wolf and i texted pretty much all day.
hell he texts me everyday at this point.
he even bought me lunch.
he says i make his day go by.
i reallllllllly don’t get a trife vibe from him.
our texts damn near incriminating at this point.
we keep our relationship on the hush.
no one knows we cool.
i started pushing the envelope in texts; he responds to it.
whenever i ask him something,
he always tells me.
he is getting comfortable with me,
even tho he is still talking to random vixens.
he is talking to some new one now.
i’ll admit it made me jealous
…but we just friends right?

my cousin had a job interview today.
somewhere in the city.
i coached her on what to wear and what to say last night.
when i got in from work tonight,
the apartment was empty.
it reminded me of when i was alone.
i sorta missed that.
so i threw all my shit on the floor and took a nap on the couch.
i was exhausted.

“what are you doing?
why you sound like that?” she asked,
calling me an hour into my nap.

“nothing wassup?…” i replied,
sounding like i was waking up after some good sex.

“i’m going to my people house in bk.
we probably gonna drink and i didn’t want to be drunk coming home.
i’ll be in tomorrow morning.
i wanted to let you know so you didn’t worry.”

it must be nice to have no responsibilities right now.
i told her go ahead and have fun.
crib all to myself.
i can walk around naked again.
see this is the type of night where i need a CUTTY WOLF on deck.

tumblr_nmoey8lv6Y1si245xo5_250he would have gotten that “emergency pipe in a glass” text an hour ago.

18 thoughts on “Mama Said They’d Be Days Like This (and I’d Like More Please)

  1. on the work wolf front …..I see it as toxic but everyone needs a Lil attention in life so go ahead with your bad self , but be careful

  2. Have you ever thought of styling people on the side , like have a section where you post style advice and tips where people can see your work? I find it very therapeutic I to do things you have passion for , like post your outfits etc as you can see people admire your swag you must try use that as a side project to garner a few funds cause a lot of people have the coin but just not the style …but only as a hobby you don’t need the extra stress , just a suggestion

  3. 1. I formally request that you consider your entanglement with work wolf a “social experiment.” The optimist in me is heartened that two brothers can build a rapport and find kinship in an intimate experience whether it includes physical contact or not. Keep in mind that if you are the ‘first’ same gender loving brother that he’s invested this type of friendship energy into, you betta’ represent, LOL!

    2. I wonder if you can turn your gift of swag into a side hustle: There are plenty of tourists and locals who want that NY swag that don’t know where to shop or pull it all together. You COULD start a fashion tour thing on the weekends and make some extra loot while you build your brand. I told you to call a brother.

    Rock On!

  4. Jamari I have big legs naturally already, but weight training makes them disrespectfully big.

    I’m one of those types that buy pants two sizes bigger. I’m not advertising no shape lol

    1. Slim people can make anything look good and presentable. Lol

      I’d look like a linebacker reporting to training camp in joggers lol

  5. So glad you had a great day( we all need more of those). I have a feeling good something is gonna happen between you and work wolf.

    P.S. If you styling like that, I’m gonna Some fashion post on here because I get bored with my clothes lol

      1. ^ this, that would be really cool Jamari, you could do a seasonal trends type of thread or something!
        It would be good if you posted where they can be bought and the price as well!
        You would be perfect for that, I’d follow your style! It’d be great because you’re a black professional, and you know how to have style for casual and professional attire!Too many (non-black) bloggers blogging fashion for things that just doesn’t feel right for me!
        I’m always looking for something new anyway.

  6. Can you PLEASE be my stylist!? I would totally support you if you had a consultation business! I would travel from Canada to New York just to get advice from you! (and it would be so cool to meet you too!)LOL
    Interesting turn of events with wolfy too! Good luck with all that!
    What would you do if he made a move on you? Could you imagine?
    Good days are nice when they happen! Try to use everything in your power to stay on that wavelength! You might be able to keep that energy. Perhaps its a sign you’re moving in the right direction!
    Wishing good luck to mi on the results of her interview!
    Step 1!

  7. I’m gonna pretend i didn’t read about work wolf. Everything else- I’m happy things are getting better for you.

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