Lay Down Some Rubber: (28)

Ya know,
we NEVER talked about this ________ here.

I was watching his new video today and I knew I had to cover him.


…. so uh,
Who would you lay down some rubber for Ne-Yo?

9 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber: (28)

  1. He’s never been all that attractive to me — outside of his huge DSLs, that is lol

    And that negro should not be allowed to go outside without wearing a hat…with that huge-azz sixhead

  2. I aint even gonna lie, I always thought his ass was sexy, so I’d hit it. I know people say that he gets down, but to be honest, I don’t think he does. I don’t get the vibe from him like I do with Trey. When Ne-yo say he’s not gay, he’s really convincing.

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