lamont johnson and malik joseph share a kiss over a warm cat sammich

some males,
who tend to lean towards the homophobic side,
are often itching to be let out of their cage.
nothing better than putting one on your trophy case tbh.
they tend to lash out,
but when the right fox/hybrid/or wolf comes along,
they will experiment with them.
lamont johnson aka lmg bang bang,
use to be very vocal about his alleged “i’m not with that gay shit” on his ig stories.
well as you know,
him and malik joseph did a teaser for ( x an upcoming scene ).
foxhole get in here




i know malik was so hard while munching on those humongous cakes.

imagine all the rest who claim they ain’t gay,
but are actually very “bi” or fluid with their sexuality?

i’m not saying this is the case,
but the vixen is usually the “prop” in most cases.
if you remember the show,
noah’s arc“,
wade invited noah for a threesome with a vixen and they been together ever since.

i’m not trying to hold you any further but…

Can we give a huge fox tail up for Malik baggin’ Lamont Johnson?

lowkey: the rona has males getting real comfortable now.
can i get comfortable with one off camera?
according to mailk,
he is charging extra to watch that video…

check out the full video on malik joseph: onlyfans

41 thoughts on “lamont johnson and malik joseph share a kiss over a warm cat sammich

  1. Well, as a bi guy myself, I’m not at all surprised. I remember how hard it was having to “play str8” growing up & it was worse when I was in the military. But once you get tired of “hiding” a part of you, then you start to not care that much & start “doing you”. I’m glad this dude is finally able to “live his truth” & I hope it’ll inspire others (& society) to just let ppl be their true selves.
    But I don’t see Lamont & Malik as “a couple”, because once Lamont gets “a taste of the gay lifestyle”, I’m sure he’s going to be thotting & bopping all over social media w/ different dudes. I see Malik as Lamont’s “gateway drug” into “the gay lifestyle”. Because after all these years of repressions, Lamont’s going to try to make up for “lost time”. 😂

  2. Too roided to me but at least he’s living his truth. He’ll be banging out dudes or getting banged lol soon enough.

  3. This isn’t much to me I know lamount seems dl ri me always he focuses to much on ass shots he is hot but I’m not jumping thru hoops for this

  4. Now thats a deal breaker for me hmm…if one of my girlfriends ask me to join her boo, it would be like this. I like what i’m seeing now how many onlyfans are like this??

  5. my apologies, i couldn’t view the video that was posted above, I’m still shocked tho LOL

  6. For somebody who is very Anti gay on Instagram this is really shocking to me. Lol I think the money is running low and low key think he will have sex with a man for the right price.

    1. Exactly. These people have no talent so the desperation is gonna kick into high drive really soon. I remember some guy started simple solo vids and then full blown mm and toys videos. Ended up almost committing suicide because it followed him for the rest of his life and he couldn’t get a new start doing something else because once it’s online it’s forever.

  7. Am I supposed to know who Malik Joseph is? People keep talking about a fight and DuckGoGo brings up no results.

  8. I saw this live yesterday on Malik’s OF page. I think Malik has a way to make dudes like Lamont comfortable around him all three of them were smoking, and drinking. Lamont start telling everyone that he does massages for both sexes and that 3way kiss happened twice. They had people in that live chat tipping $200 just to see them touch all over each other, but their internet wasn’t the best and I think I missed when Lamont sucked on Malik’s toes if it really happened. Those videos are up on all three of their OF page and one dude asked how much it was for both Malik and Lamont to kiss with tongue they said tip $150 not sure if it happen, but I know before I left they had around $800 in tips that they split 3 ways.

      1. Malik is musty and trash. Didn’t he out an NFL player years ago? He needs to stay away from our faves!

  9. Wow???? If I was ever gonna do an Only Fans , this might be it. I love Lamont ,but that “Sissy Club Fight “ruined it for me . I didn’t think brothers still go to clubs????

    I cant imagine ever “throwing hands” in a bar. More power to them, but for me that element is a turn off .Sex is mental for me ..

    I cant mentally un-see that “Bar brawl Ya’ll” ( in my Britney vocal)

  10. Wow this is somewhat shocking to me, not that he kissed Malik or let Malik rim him during a threesome , but that he allowed Malik to post it.He has to know he may lose some female fans/followers.I guess most of his subscribers are males so he will gain more, so more money.Maybe he took a calculated risk, female followers vs male subscribers.

    Recently I saw his pic on one of those pages that feature black men.It was either a page for black guys with beards or sexy black guys.A guy posted a comment questioning his sexuality and 3 or 4 women replied to him that Lamonte was not gay,that he was totally straight,etc.I wonder how they would react to these videos.

    1. ^ usually those vixens end up looking silly.

      vixens want the good looking male to be straight so they can have a shot.
      he could be very well straight and gay too LOL

  11. Lamont just fucked it up for himself. I can’t wait to hear the explanation.

  12. oh my i wasnt ready lol…I’d definitely watch this watch this video. Got me ready to subscribe just to see it lol

  13. I find nothing appealing about that Malik guy nor this Lamont dude so its a pass.

  14. That ain’t no price. Lamont was already like that. Malik still can’t fight. Got his ass beat and dude wasn’t even hitting hard.

    1. All of these niggas are on onlyfans are bi. Most str8 dudes don’t wanna be naked so other niggas can see them. I feel the same way about pornstars. I don’t see how you niggas can even get hard with all these cameraMEN, directors and producers around. These niggas are bi and that’s ok.

      The issue is in our community bisexual doesn’t exist so people are shocked, but hell im not. If people knew the amount of drug dealers, military men, hood niggas, and athletes that I’ve had calling me daddy they would really be shocked.

      1. Most straight niggas don’t give a fuck if another nigga sees them naked. Especially if you workout and keep things in order. Most them sports niggas done seen each other booty ass naked and its not a big deal. I agree with you on most these onlyfans dudes being bi tho. The paint and sip dudes in particular, most of them are prolly bi. The issue is the bi tag is always morphed into full blown gay and they don’t want or what comes with that. Its also not good for onlyfans business cause as sad at it is your stock goes down since a lot of gays won’t fuck with you if you’re not their straight fantasy anymore.

        1. I thought fooling around with a guy would result in more male subscribers.I never thought about that aspect, that this may turn off some gay subscribers/followers.Interesting

          BTW I just checked his IG and a woman just commented,” Ain’t no straight man left out here sis 😢but do whatever makes you happy boo.Even if it’s with a man.” I thought, well she’s supportive but then I clicked on her bio and it says Lesbian.

          There is also a comment posted 6 days ago from a woman that said “Thirsty ass dudes in here.Gentlemen calm down! He is for the ladies”

          I was tempted to be petty and direct her to Twitter but I didn’t 😂.

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