Kordell Stewart Gets A Broom/Knife To Try And Clean Up His Mess

so kordell stewart released a statement on “tooted ‘n’ booted” gate.
he spoke exclusively to tmz sports about the origin of the video.
he says via video on tmz sports

Kordell Stewart says newly surfaced video purportedly showing the ex-NFL star in the nude is real — but it was stolen — and he’s pointing the finger at his reality star ex-wife.

TMZ Sports spoke with the former Pittsburgh Steelers QB who says he’s outraged that the video went public because he had made it specifically for a woman he was dating at the time.

Stewart says he’s already contacted his lawyers and plans to rain down hell on whoever released it.

Kordell says his #1 suspect is his ex-wife, Porsha Williams — claiming she had sent him text messages warning him to “prepare for war” … and he believes she was referring to the tape.

As for reports that Kordell had made the video for another man, the ex-NFL star tells us it’s “bull****” — and says that, while he respects gay people, that’s just not who he is.

this is where a “story” starts.
he should have just shut up about all the extra details.

“it was a video i sent to a vixen i was dating.
her phone was stolen and the video was out.”

even tho that motive is highly unbelievable,
the forests would have talked among-st themselves and left it alone.
no need to tell anyone the ingredients when they didn’t ask for the recipe.
why all those extra details about porsha?
well porsha responded to his response.
she said:

7 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart Gets A Broom/Knife To Try And Clean Up His Mess

  1. But i saw on the shaderoom that the woman is supposedly sent the video to say that she sent the video to some people not that her phone was stolen. Then she say it’s not kordell butt on the video it was edited. I mean they need to get the story straight because that damage control is a mess. Nobody is buying that lie. He needs to come out already so nobody can out him again.

  2. I almost scared to see what 2017 is going to bring, because the Fuckery Level for 2016 broke all known records. I just cant with this Stunt Queen blaming his ex-wife. Kordell has been caught out there throwing that ass in a circle and now wants to blame Porsha, silly rabbit those tricks are for kids. I just cant its just too much going on at the end of the year for me to buy this explanation, this transaction has been declined due to nothing but bullshit in his account. Just take the loss and keep it moving, it is pretty much a wrap for anyone to believe that he is a pussy hound after this video leak, even though it is possible he made that for another woman, people already have it in their mind that he likes sausage and it nothing going to change that for most people especially those who sit on Bossip, MediaFakeOut and Lipstick Alley all day waiting for something like this from their favorite Black Male athlete or entertainer.

    1. The women (mainly black women) on those sites (Bossip, MTO, Lipstick Alley) LIVE for a good outing story! They are so obsessed with Black men possibly being gay it’s unreal. Little do they know, they are PART of the problem when it comes to closeted black men and the stigma of being gay in the black community. Their little “queen, booty-goon” etc. remarks that they like to throw around & kiki make it worse for them. If only they knew, that prevents many of these DL men from coming out in the first place. Now I’m not condoning or justifying men who cheat on their women with other men, however I’m just saying these women who openly perpetuate homophobia don’t really help themselves either.

  3. I’m starting to believe their whole appearance on RHOA was a setup from jump. The way Porscha did that complete personality change after they divorced and how she still maintains her lifestyle is questionable.

    I can definitely believe this might’ve been a business arrangement because I never sensed much chemistry between them.

    Them keeping the drama going keeps her relevant on RHOA. She was already cut from the main cast one season and she doesn’t have as much drama with divorces as the other women.

    1. ^that is a good point…
      i dont watch anymore,
      but after she got her home,
      her point was up in the air.
      this could be a story line for next season.

      1. Ballers arranging deals with women to get on Reality tv has been done before too.

        Remember Gilbert Arenas financed Draya so she could move to Los Angeles and be on BBW and that’s why her and Laura Govan didn’t get along.

        Keep in mind Draya, never told anyone about that. Gilbert did!

        She played her part and look at her now. Multiple businesses and things seem to be going well with Orlando Scandrick.

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