Kenya Moore and The Exit We Still Talmbout

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.50.07 PMi think kenya moore is “tv gold”.
many don’t,
but she brings a certain “something” to reality tv.
well as you know,
or don’t,
she was fired from “the celebrity apprentice” last night.
before she left,
her and auntie viv went at it.
well kenya appeared on wendy williams today to talk about it and…












giphyyou can say she is crazy,
plays the victim,
or her life is fake
you still gonna tune in to watch her.
that right there is what “tv gold” is made of.
here is kenya’s exit off the show:

tumblr_mtabt5ep0p1s983r8o1_400i still <3 auntie tho.

lowkey: do i think she took her phone?
honestly i don’t know.
where was auntie’s password?
and why did she not call her phone to find it?
and why was a tweet like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.56.30 PM…sitting on her wall and no one told her?
she ain’t got no friends?
and how come there is no footage of this phone stealing?
how donald trump just gonna believe auntie’s word?
how we know auntie ain’t tweet it to set kenya up?
50 did say auntie is a little cray cray too.
oh and this:

article-2630753-1DEAC21100000578-501_634x738they all look chummy.
who knows.
all i know is that when kenya left,
i’m done with the show.
thanks for playing!
oh and the ratings for last night episode?

“The Celebrity Apprentice” (2.1/6 in 18-49, 6.9 million viewers overall from 8-10 p.m. ET) jumped +17% week to week to a regular-slot season high in 18-49 (excluding a special Sunday premiere, 2.4 on Jan. 4). It was also the best regular-slot “Apprentice” rating since the 2012 season finale (2.2/6 from 9-11 p.m. on Sunday May 20, 2012).
In total viewers, “Celebrity Apprentice” grew +10% week to week (6.942 million vs. 6.322 million), making it the most-watched “Apprentice” telecast since the 2012 season premiere (7.4 million from 9-11 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2012.

…tv gold?

pictures taken: tmz | daily mail

tv ratings: tvbythenumbers

13 thoughts on “Kenya Moore and The Exit We Still Talmbout

  1. The whole phone story made no sense. Aunt Viv had no password? The tweet was from 5 days prior and no one noticed? All of the contestants follow each other on twitter but only Kenya saw it?

    How are Viv and Geraldo finalists when they’ve lost every single challenge they’ve worked on?

  2. Oh yea, and is there a Black woman alive that 50 hasn’t called crazy? From Viv, to his BM, to LilKim, to Oprah. Just 2 days ago he posted a picture to Instagram calling a woman of color crazy. Claims she stalks him. The week before that he accused Tatted Holly of being a crazy, hooker! Once she threatened to expose pictures of bruises he gave her, he apologized. 50 isn’t a reliable source. Won’t say one bad thing about Chelsea Handler, even though she bashes him always. However, when it comes to Black women, they’re all crazy. According to his Black ass.

      1. I understand that JFree. Jamari reminded us up top that 50cent used to claim Viv was crazy. He also claimed that she stalked him. Same stuff he said on Instagram Monday about some Hispanic looking chick. He’s not very credible. All these women can’t be crazy. Just like it can’t always be the men in KMichelle’s life. At one point, it’s time to start looking at ones self…

  3. Actually no, I’m not going to tune in to watch her. I used to be a big fan, even met her during her crown days. My school was one of the stops on her victory tour. You can’t imagine how great it was to see a beautiful, statuesque, brown woman at that time in not only my life, but several other students lives as well, for there were few standards of Black beauty at that time.

    There was Flo Jo, Pam Grier, Vanessa Williams, Jayne Kennedy, and even folks like Phlicia Rashad who portrayed an older, elegant beauty, but there wasn’t many Kenya types in the media. Anyway, her antics on RHOA were whatever, but this shit is a new low. Haven’t watched one episode of Housewives since she let home girl with the chin snatch her up by the hair. Didn’t even watch that episode. Talk is one thing, but to stoop to that level, I just couldn’t. Now this? Playing the role for Donald Trump of all people? This is embarrassing. Just that 12 second clip on Instagram with Vivica telling her to bounce made me cringe…So disappointed! In both she and Viv. They gave in. Succumbed to the ill do anything for attn type pressure of Hollywood. More angry Black women on prime time. Viv should know better!

    As far as her being TV gold. The same was said about Omarosa, yet she’s no where to be found. Fuck Donald Trump, his entire coven, and all these Black people willing to flock to his production just for some damn exposure. The way they set Keshia up to leave questions about WHY she hasn’t spoke. To Bill Cosby in years. All calculated and planned. In fact, if you read through Kenya’s old tweets she spoke of how the air date was pushed back a few times. They wanted the allegations to build up, and also to capitalize off of Joan’s passing. I know all this without having watched 1 episode. 25k is all they make for their appearance, it’s all about national exposure, and were being judged for this shit on a global level…Not fair that one persons actions are imposed on us all, but this is a fact that we know and can’t be surprised by. Like a White cop murdering an unarmed Black male, we already know he’s going to be labeled a thug, gang member, and that said cop will not be charged, and will be rewarded as a hero. No it’s not fair, but it’s nothing we don’t already know. Fair or not, it is what it is.

  4. THE SHAAAAAADDDDDEEE! Put on sunglasses because damn. I didn’t know she was like that. We all know vivica is sharp, but damn. She’s right about the nene comments though.

  5. I love Kenya. I watched that scene between her and Vivica last night. Funny af. How about when she brought up Leann Rimes to Brandi Glanville? LOL

    1. The real lol I got from that was how butt hurt Donald Trump was from her comment. He kept going on and on about it. He was probably more upset that a black woman insulted a blonde dingbat in his presence. He had been picking with Kenya ever since she did that.

  6. I agree that she is tv gold BUT im still not a fan. Ive always thought she was a little too extra. She loves to talk about people acting ghetto but whenever shes given the opportunity to explain herself she ALWAYS chooses to throw shade and take lowkey shots at other people. Im sorry but thats the epitome of ghetto to me. Its sad because characters like her got people thinking its cute. Come to my hood with that extra shit and you might get that jaw swole up…..

    1. That’s that ghetto ish right there. Learn how to fight with your words and not your hands. While I’m walking around with a “swole jaw”, you’ll be walking around with a record. One will heal in time and the other is there forever. Keep it cute bruh.

      I love Kenya, she’s tactful and makes for good entertainment. I met her in real life and she was nice. No issues with me. That Nene shade was funny man. I just hope she goes this hard on the reunion.

  7. I always liked her because she doesn’t have to be loud, and over the top to get back at people. She is not a saint but her demeanor and class is different then the other women. Her tongue is sharp as ice and she as well as her enemies know that. Plus she is great to look at and entertaining lol

  8. I didn’t know you watched the Apprentice? This is my first time watching it but I’ve seen an episode here and there. I know who Omarosa is of course.

    I haven’t seen this ep yet but I’m going too. Kenya had some guts bringing up Vivica’s surgery in the previous ep. I was like “Damn! she really goes for it.”

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