Jason Derulo Gets Naked


well what can i say?
the wolf is determined.
i won’t lie.
i loved that “talk dirty” song.
so the “jason derulo reign” just won’t up.
he has a new video called “naked”.
do you even need details on what it’s about?…

oh ok.
he went trap on us.
sidebar: am i the only one tired of trap music?
i mean,
it’s giving me a heavy “try hard”,
as only jason derulo would,
but i’m sure it will sell.
he has a whole legion of snow bunnies that will masturbate to it.tumblr_mr19r8qchF1qi946qo4_250

…or not.

lowkey: d’angelo did it better.

am i right?
that video made me realize i liked wolves.

30 thoughts on “Jason Derulo Gets Naked

  1. Is he really naked, bc DeAngelo wasnt really naked. He had his pants and underwear pushed down.

  2. Umm is it just me or is he trying to hard to stay relevant. I am not into talking R&B music. I grew up with singers actually sang even they weren’t good or not. I wish him all of the best with his career but I am just not into this style of R&B music.

  3. I like Jason Derulo but we all the know the industry is trying to have him replace Chris Brown and that ain’t gon happen. Chris Brown is literally the closest thing musically this generation has to Michael Jackson. Dance Moves (check), Crossover Appeal by doing R&B to Pop (check), and Entrepreneurship (check). Derulo needs to be himself instead of trying to be the inudstry’s replacement for Chris Brown like Frank Ocean was trying.to be.

    1. lol Frank Ocean was never promoted as a Chris Brown replacement though…Jason Derulo has ok talent i dont think they’re trying to make him out to be CB replacement i just think people always compare the two. Kinda like whenever a new female artist comes out they automatically compare her to Beyonce if the girl dances and sings…i just think black people by nature always have to compare artists instead of just enjoying the artists that we all like respectively

      1. @Malcolm…it’s not just blacks that do the comparisons. It is an annoying habit, how someone new get compared to someone famous. They’re automatically titled ” the next…”
        Ciara was the next Janet Jackson. Ariana Grande and Leona Lewis were the next Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga was the next Madonna…and so on. It’s done in all of the industries, music, movies, sports, etc.
        It’s so fuckin’ annoying.

      2. I agree Frank was never a CB replacement.Frank was a songwriter who sings.He doesnt dance.He is not an entertainer.Jason is CB without the rap sheet or Trey or Miguel.
        In Miguel news he is doing Michael Jackson tribute at the Grammys.Hopefully he won’t try to dance.

  4. D’Angelo’s Untitled is still one of the sexiest music videos ever.

    I’m surprised Trey Songz hasn’t tried to come out with his own naked video. I think his would be better than Marques Houston’s. Tho still as try hard.

  5. He tried to hard. I guess the lack of black radio playing his music has made him be more “urban.” Not for it. Never really seen “star” when it comes to derulo. But he looks a lot better than he did when he first came out with all that makeup on to cover his bad skin. D’angelo video can never be touch. D’Angelo had raw sex appeal.

    1. R&B Music died some time ago! All these artists today sing about is the drinking in the club, their ride/whip, and fuckin’. TIRED!!
      And what’s even sadder is that the “old heads” try to jump on the bandwagon! Sit your old ass down somewhere! LOL

  6. Your right Jamari D’angelo did it better. I remember when that video use to come on BET I use to turn my TV all the way down so my parents wouldn’t hear it and just stare at D’angelo.

    1. Yeah, those were the good old days of r and b and neo soul (2000). Where is D’ Angelo, i need him to come back!! And that Craig David living in Miami.

      1. D’Angelo dropped his cd last year. He’s nominated for several Grammys including Record of the Year coming up Monday

      2. Yo, myolox…I love Craig David! One of my favoite artists. Such an underrated artist, it’s a shame.

  7. You know what, I think I will give Jason Derulo a chop! I’m sorry, but I don’t see and never will. #desperatemuch #hetriedit #nosirtryagain

  8. I never ever really looked at him as a sex symbol before, but I have to say he looks so damn good in this video, even though it looks kind of cheesy and forced. I have to say out of all the video and Instagram models why was K Michelle chosen?

    1. Derulo is whack, not even corny. Straight D’Angelo rip and these new cats do not even know how to romance or be seductive with their songs. This song is wack, Derulo is wack and he ain’t even singing. My entire face was scrunched up listening and watching for the 45 secs that I did.

  9. I can never get into Jason he tries but he just doesn’t have that “it” factor.

    P.S. No one can touch that d’angelo video shit I was feeling things a little boy should not have been feeling for a man lol

      1. Yeah…he’s all over the place. They don’t know how to market him.
        He is a very handsome fella though. Corny….but handsome. He should be killin’ the market with Usher/Chris Brown/Trey Songz off the scene right now…but he’s not.

  10. 2 things…

    He shaded the FUCK out of Jordan Sparks

    K. Michelle as a video vixen, I’m here for it

      1. That Jordan Sparks line was lazy and tasteless. K does look good. Y’all think that’s pre or post ass reduction.

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