James Harrison Is “Daddy” Close To 40

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 9.32.57 PMum…
james harrison,
line backin’ baller wolf for the pittsburgh steelers,
is what you call “vintage peen”.
he is still playing ball close to 40.
isn’t that a blessing?
well it seems the secret is acupuncture.
he put up his “secret” on his socials and well…

tumblr_o4nngePoAS1r78dgto1_400oh my goodness.
i think i’m feeling faint.
he looks really good for 38.

tumblr_o0roovfKfK1r78dgto5_400 tumblr_o0roovfKfK1r78dgto1_500 tumblr_o0roovfKfK1r78dgto3_400 tumblr_o0roovfKfK1r78dgto4_400i’ll take whatever he is giving.

lowkey: i want to try acupuncture.
*goes to google*
*gets distracted*
*looks up more on james harrison*



*pictures credited: james harrison

13 thoughts on “James Harrison Is “Daddy” Close To 40

  1. Oh, and I believe he has (had?) a Becky and a coupl’a cubs with her….*shrugs* iowncare

  2. I’ve been heavily staning on this dude for a min…but wait, 38 is daddy these days? lol

  3. They can keep the young guys i like my men late 30’s and up… well seasoned and they tend to be more passionate lovers AND they tend to be financially stable for the most part, the whole young, sexy but broke wolf has grown overrated. Give me a 38 40 year old with a beard and thank GOD I’m in the Beard capital of the world, Philly lol

    1. Grown men are SO SEXY! MAJOR turn-on for me! The maturity and intelligence is what grabs my attention (and if they keep themselves together they get these nice well-developed bodies) This guy is FOIINE!! That body is out of control!! *phew*

    2. I loves me a grown ass man! Dick game is grade A, financially stable, willing and able to show you things you didn’t know anything about. Amused at what you have to offer, and plus, HE GOT MONEY!!!!!

    3. We’ll still see if you’re still saying this when you’re 50+ (assuming you’re younger). Because I know there’s nothing more that these old menz love more than the “young, dumb & full of cum” type boys LOL

      Btw I’m sure you know this but it wouldn’t hurt just by adding; it’s normal for an older man to be richer than a younger man. They had years to build that wealth. That’s how it usually goes. You can’t compare a 22-24 year old fresh out of college to a 37 year old who’s pretty much had 12+ years of work experience and climbing up that employment ladder.

      And 9 times outta 10, the old man will only give you money if he looks like hugh hefner and can only get some dick by paying for it. An older guy who’s great looking isn’t gonna be that loose with his coins. You gotta be real special to him for that to happen in general.

      BUT, I will have to agree with you on the passionate lovers part. Older men are more passionate where a lot of young guys just want to get their nut asap. And generally they are less self-centered when it comes to being together.

      1. And another weakness of mine is when older guys have the “matured muscular body” where the guy is still muscular but he doesn’t have that 32 inch tiny waist which shows that his body has settled into mature stage. When they tend to have a little more weight in the waist & leg area.

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