“i’m caramel badboy and i’m gonna lather you up in the shower”

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

the sexiest thing anyone can ever do is be comfortable in their own skin.
have you ever noticed when people try to be sexy that it always fails?
they try to emulate what someone else did to be “sexy”.
the thing is:

Sexiness varies from person to person

what i deem is sexy might be dusty to someone else.
sometimes it’s the attraction i have to someone that makes them sexy in my eyes.
we had a chat about caramel badboy in the past.
( x see it here )
he was giving the thursts of life in a threesome with a mattress and a pillow.
one of the foxholers sent me a video of him where i actually thought he was sexy.
it was a shower video with a white gentleman and…


it was much more refreshing than him assaulting that bed and pillows.
he was trying way too hard before.
he had an actual human co-star and you could tell he might have been attracted to him.
he was giving a lot of vocals too.
you can tell he will say all kinds of nasty shit to you in bed.
i get off on vocals and letting me know you liked something i did.
i like when someone talks me through sex.

“You like that?”
“How does that feel?”
“You are so fuckin’ sexy Jamari…”
“Damn, you make me so fuckin’ horny.”

i like intense eye contact and sensual kisses on my bawdy.
if i’m sexually attracted to you,
i’m gonna show you with my actions how much i want you.
suckin’ on my neck and tracing your tongue from my neck to my mouth is God tier for me.
it’s the little passionate things that will make me explode.

the sensuality these two displayed in the shower was hot.
they seemed to have chemistry and that is extremely important.
not only that:

It was a lot of muscle worship and you know I luhhhh that

i would have hoped at some point CBB would have entered him,
but i guess the fantasy is always the sexiest.
more of that content,
i’m interested to see what’s next from this one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on ““i’m caramel badboy and i’m gonna lather you up in the shower””

    1. LOL!! His face does give goofball but that body and tats are niiice. He’s someone I would like to meet at the gym and go get smoothies with after.

    1. Don’t u think you need to relax? Jamari ain’t thirsty & The dude ain’t racist, he’s clearly just one of those Mixed people that grew up around white folks, that does not automatically mean he has a distain for black people, people usually stay with what they’re exposed to

    2. ^ this is the perfect time to remind everyone to make sure to drink your water everyday!

      consistent thirst could mean you are dehydrated.
      drinking water helps keep your skin clear and flushes your kidneys.
      make sure you are getting close to a gallon a day.

      warning: when you drink all that water tho,
      you will have to pee all the time.
      that can be a bitch when you are out in public.

      drink more water for 2021.

      1. girl please middle schoolers clapback better than you! it is a known fact that you use other handles to comment your own posts. the only thing youre winning is another mental breakdown coming your way so u better drink YOUR water with those antidepressants ugly.

        1. Unacceptable. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to hurt someone (under an alias). Our community takes enough heat for this crab in the barrel nonsense.

  1. I took a cute little stroll down his TL on Twitter and it was giving every bit of “chocolate chip in sugar cookie dough” for me.

    Lol, it explains the lack of an actual stroke in his previous entry…

  2. Why does he look like I guy who I thought was straight but said “what’s the worst that could happen?” to the idea of us being together. Let me see what he’s up to….

    1. ^omg i would LOVE to meet someone like that!!

      that’s a movie scene waiting to happen.
      he says that and it cuts to a vicious sex scene.

      1. I don’t take things they say seriously, but his social media likes show he’s an ally at least. And that’s all I want. I don’t want to be attached right now anyway. I’m a worry wart and I’d worry about him being sick, him traveling, let me worry about my family and somebody’s son LATER.

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