I Have My Eye On Sage The Gemini

tumblr_mtp1z4R4kG1siwju1o1_500cute, huh?
so you know i’m always the first to promote good music.
hiphop right now is kinda… blahzay.
well an f-bi wanted me to check out this “kinda new, but not really” rapper wolf,
sage the gemini.
i use to see him on another blog and was wondering who he was.
i thought he was gonna be the newest attention whore on the social media streets.
lets get into his dossier






real name: dominic wynn woods
age: 21
height: tall as shit.
sign: gemini (duh)
from: the bay
signed: republic records

other videos:

he is funny.
he is very “bay area”.
i really like the “gas pedal” cut.
i could see me zonin’ to that.
here are a few pics of mister gemini:

his eyes are nice.
he looks like he is always “high” tho.
there is another body part that has people on tumblr talkin’ as well:

welcome inside my foxhole sage.
i’ve noticed you.
prepare to become a star.

lowkey: if he ever comes over to ny,
i’ll go check him out.
on the list please.
i don’t do “lines”.

read more about sage: complex interview
follow him on: twitter | insatgram
download his ep: gas pedal

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “I Have My Eye On Sage The Gemini”

  1. I just found out about him yesterday when I saw his picture on a list of upcoming rappers of 2014.The contrast of his eyes and brown skin is amazing.

  2. J, I’m kinda surprised you’re just now finding out about him. His songs have been hot for a minute now. Oh well, glad you like the song!

    1. ^you know whats crazy?
      i don’t really get into bay area-ish rappers because its always some gimmick.
      see: new boyz.
      some dance craze they do that sweeps the nation.
      you know i’ma ny fox.
      i like my rappers kinda gritty with some kind of substance.
      i’ll keep my eye on sage tho.

      1. I laughed when you said that. I’m from Cali (which explains my surprise) and when I first learned about jerkin I was still in middle school, which was years before newboyz. So now I guess sage will get big when the rest of the nation starts yiking

  3. I might be the only person to say this, but I think he’s just meh. We went to high school together though so maybe my judgement is a little skewed lol. He is hella tall though. I’m 6’2 and dude towers over me.

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