Baller Wolf, Davone Bess, Is Having An “Off Day” With His “Ass Out”

davone-bess-football-headshot-photoballer wolf from the cleveland browns,
davone bess,
is having an off day.
i mean like,
seriously fuckin off.
bizarre even.
well and f-bi sent me the story and well…

davone_bessIn what has become a fairly rapid downward spiral, Browns receiver Davone Bess has been involved in yet another incident.

According to Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald, police in Coral Springs responded on Saturday morning to an incident involving Bess at the Marriott in Heron Bay.  Police described it as a “medical call,” with no arrest made.

Also on Saturday morning, Bess tweeted a photo of himself standing naked in front of a mirror.

davonehighSaturday’s events follow a Friday arrest of Bess for assault of a police officer, and the posting of photos on social media suggesting marijuana use.  News also has emerged that Bess was hospitalized against his will by family members in March 2013.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-3883-1386179953-19he looks kinda cray cray in his mug shot.
is he gonna start talkin about worshipping jah,
growing a beard,
and changing his instagram name every six seconds?
just asking.
since this incident occurred,
his twitter default is an egg and his instagram has been shut down.
it seems davone needs help judging from his family having it step in before.
i hope he gets it together.

lowkey: it says online that WTB means ( x “want to buy” ).
so he is standing naked as he was born,
in what looks like a hotel room,
  his fat ass is the only thing showing,
and “WTB” with a heart
tumblr_inline_mm6dz15mSt1qz4rgp…and who took the picture?

just some questions i have ’tis all.
do you have any questions as well?

article found: pro football talk

visit his twitter: here

19 thoughts on “Baller Wolf, Davone Bess, Is Having An “Off Day” With His “Ass Out”

  1. I can believe that possibly because why does he have a pic of his ass out

    That ass does look nice

    I wonder who the DL celeb is if true

    1. the pic was aimed at a specific DL entertainer who pays the $$$ for a nite with a pro baller at his “card parties.”

      1. Third, what DL entertainer are you talking about? And what price is this dude willing to sell his ass to the DL entertainer for?

    2. So he posted “WTB” and that means Want to Buy? So, does this mean that his ass is for sale? If so, what’s the price?

  2. To be honest, in full disclosure mode, I’d need you bruhs to hold me back from that ass. I’d have to use every bit of fiber of will power not to tap that, unless I felt he were on PCP or some other drug giving him supernatural powers. I’d have to ask my vibes to not fail me. And, to all of you who responded before I did, I, respectfully, request you allow me to tap it first.

  3. He’ll be cut in the morning. He used to be fine, especially in his early years with the Dolphins. The ass is nice, but I don’t want nothing from his disturbed ass.

  4. Dude, that ass is amazing.Oh my.So perfect and round and chocolate.

    There must be some drug celebrities have that make them become a totally different person because these mental breakdowns as of late are astonishing.

  5. Handsome guy and that ass is the type that you write home about. What a nice ass? Jamari, can you give me his number?

      1. I’ve been hypnotized by the ass. If you look at that ass long enough, it will put you in a trance.

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