The DL College Wrestler, Sex Videos, and The Gift He Gave

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 7.14.05 PMeveryone meet michael l. johnson from missouri.
instagram name is “tigermandingo”.
sounds “sessy real sessy”, huh?
well an f-bi sent me his dossier which included that he:

attended lindenwood university
was a wrestler wolf
like to party
likes sex
has a thing for recording foxes raw
wait i’m missing something…
*scrolls through files*
….oh yeah.
  hiv positive and was maliciously giving it to people

uh huhhhhhhhhh.
welp the riverfronttimes has more on this jackal and his triflin’ ways

Looks like there’s even more trouble in store for Michael Johnson, the ex-Lindenwood wrestler already facing five felony counts of exposing sex partners to HIV.

When the news broke that police arrested Johnson — known as sexy party animal Tiger Mandingo online — with knowingly infecting a sexual partner with HIV, four more victims stepped up to say they, too, had been victimized. Now, St. Charles detectives say they found videos of Johnson barebacking with more sexual partners, sometimes on school grounds.

Police say the sexual partners may not have known that Johnson was HIV positive or that they were being taped, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Many of the sex tapes appear to be set on the campus of Lindenwood University, which denied knowing a school wrestler was infected.

Police said Johnson may have met his hook-ups through social media. That’s a good bet since Johnson has six social media accounts, two for him and the rest for the Sasha-Fierce-Slash-Mr.-Hyde part of his personality: three Facebook pages, two Twitter feeds, a Vine and an Instagram.

When Johnson was arrested back in October, St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar told Daily RFT one of Johnson’s sex partners was still waiting for his HIV test results. Other sex partners had tested negative for the virus.

“Obviously, for a victim to come forward is something that takes a lot of courage,” Lohmar says. “They also have to know that they are going to be part of this public prosecution.”

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office requests that anyone who may have had an intimate relationship with Johnson or who may have information pertinent to this investigation contact the St. Charles Detective Bureau at 636-949-3330.

b6roz6….clearly he did.
can i be honest with the foxhole?
i don’t feel sorry for any of the parties involved.
how many times,
how many stories,
how many “months dedicated to this issue”,
and how many “well damn what?!” do people need to see in order to wrap it up?
you know that when you meet a stranger for a hook up online,
his salami should NOT be going into your oven without foil on it.

DSCF4123unless you were raped,
or you were in a long term relationship,
this is just one of the many examples we (the audience) have to continuously learn from.
am i wrong?
as much as the look and feel of raw sex is,
i don’t want to die from it.

lowkey: they are already tearing into his ass,
no pun intended,
on his social media accounts.

go to his: instagram
go to his: vine
go to his: facebook

he looks like a doofus.
i can just bet he had an xtube account.

article from: riverfronttimes


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27 thoughts on “The DL College Wrestler, Sex Videos, and The Gift He Gave

  1. Guys, don’t beat up on yourselves. Yes, there are ratchet gays, and guess what: there are ratchet straights. Those of you commenting on here about how disgusting his actions were are evidence that there are numerous gay people who do not approve of or engage in this reckless behavior. How many posts does Jamari put on here of baller wolves impregnating women? The women wouldn’t be getting pregnant if condoms were being used…an example of very reckless behavior which could result in sexually transmitted infections and diseases as well as children born to trifflin’ ass parents! We don’t like it when racists make the generalization that blacks are lazy, as though all of us are, because we know better; therefore, don’t allow ourselves to get caught up suggesting that gays as a whole are truffling and despicable. The only thing that creature has in common with me is that we are both black and like ass. I am HIV-negative, want to remain so, and love my people and spend my time serving and trying to uplift us. If you are not doing what he has been accused of doing, then you are not like him either. He represents himself; he is not a representation of me or any other respectable gay brother I know any more than a thug selling drugs to our people.

    1. Amen, Old Head, I just saw someone who said that we as Black people need to stop saying need to stop saying we are our own worse enemy, because it lets those in power off the hook for how they have skewed the system to their benefit, and how messed up the system really is toward people of color in this country, many Black people have worked hard to make it only to be pushed down and taking advantage of, and you can never win against a people who will try to blame you for your shortcomings by saying pull yourself up by your bootstraps but they have stolen the boots. We as gay men of color are no different, we did not have a blueprint we have learned a lot of things the hard way, and I am old enough to remember that many gay men period were already sick before they really new what they had. True enough we have failed somewhat as Black gay men to educate our younger brothers to stop the spread of this disease, instead waiting on other communities to do it but that does not mean that we can just throw our hands and give up the fight. If we each just reach out to a few people we know and encourage them to do the same about protecting themselves maybe we can get a grip on this thing.

  2. I agree with you. They asked for it, I mean, come on how hard is it for you to buy some condoms and guess what some clinic give out free condoms, and they should have tested first before anything. Common sense.

  3. Makes me a little scared because if he looked anything like that first pic, I would’ve let him hit it.Wrapped of course but still, I heard condoms aren’t 100% affective so if I let him hit, I’d still have to worry.

    Notice it’s only gay men that go on an infecting vendetta.You don’t ever hear about straight men doing this to women.

    1. Zen Buddha, you are dead wrong. This happens among straights, too. It just doesn’t hit the news as it does when it’s gays. Media sensationalizes gay crimes like this due to their bias against gays — heterosexism and homophobia — the same way the evening news generally leads with stories of black people killing each other, especially scenes of black men handcuffed and spread over the hoods of patrol cars. Rarely do the news reports focus on poor whites commiting crimes against other poor whites. That’s designed to perpetuate the stereotype of blacks being dangerous. Example: more whites on welfare yet every story about welfare shows a black person. Health is my field; I see this up close. Trust me on this.

      1. I agree, straights do the same wit the spreading thing. I have heard of straights who do this as well. Happens often than most think. People catch disease and get mad and want to spread it. Misery loves company.

  4. Niggas are nasty af mane. I’m keeping the pipe on lock, I just can’t do it. I do not know which is worse, him or the people he slept with. How could people be so careless? Yea, he met them on online sites because it can’t be that many gay men on any campus and he slept with that many of them, nah. I knew something was off when I first read the story. This is ridiculous. I am tired of stressing the issue to people. I am not concerned with anyone status other than my own at this point, and who I am sleeping with because condoms break.

    Now, I am about to rant, you knew it was coming lol. I do not care who disagrees with me on this, but I am starting to believe the shit straight people say about the gay community. About gays spreading HIV being perverted etc..I can’t even say us right now because I don’t engage in this activity. Raw sex, online hookups, sleeping with total strangers. I am not about that life, nor will I ever be. I am not perfect by far, but those are mistakes and behavior that does not run across my mind or my path. What is it about gay men, that they feel the need to have raw sex with strangers the same day they meet them? That is not cool, and the ones who do it should be ashamed. Yea, I am judging. By the way, none of you should be embarrassed that you like men. However, you should feel some type of way that people in the lifestyle exist who knowingly spread HIV and are ready and willing to let someone bang them raw, even strangers, now that is something to be ashamed of, and those are reasons that should make people ashamed of being gay.There are stereotypes that comes with the lifestyle, STD’s being one of them, and situations like this does not stop people from talking nor does it help the cause.

    1. @The Man, Bro I know you are passionate but dont get too caught up in believing what str8 people say. I know a lot of str8 dudes who are just as trifling as gay dudes, and of course the females they mess with have to be just as trifling. Unfortunately, gay men are easily infected due to raw anal sex and it makes the numbers higher, and gay men have been getting infected longer, but you best believe it is many women of color who are now living with HIV as a result of unprotected heterosexual sex. Have you ever seen some of this raw spring break footage and the nasty things that str8 people do? There is no shortage of trifling behavior with either str8 or gays in todays world. Dont get caught up in the hype, you know by coming here that there are many hardworking decent gay dudes who believe in protecting themselves and their brothers but its always these clowns who get the most attention for their dirty deeds.

      S/N researching some of this dudes social media, it seems that he was out, also was Ballroom dude, and said he was Gay Christian, so he may have presented a clean cut image to his partners, but this is still no damn excuse to engage in risky behavior

      1. For some reason, I feel that gay men engage in more risky behavior than straights, I truly do. I feel that people take more chances in the lifestyle since gay men do not have the same chances to meet someone as straights do, which it true.

    2. The Man, you’re either a part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. By using the N word, you’re a part of the problem.

      1. That’s really classy of you Dean, you TRIED it yet again. Good tactic, I will give you that, to try and attach me to this particular problem. My choice of words is not the topic here. On the top of the comment box doesn’t it say stay on topic? Not gonna stop using the word bruh. I know you don’t like it, but that is just too bad. I have been using that word for years, and I have used it on here since day one more than two years ago. I will not stop using the word for you. Most of us on here use or have used it, I doubt they will stop either. I am grown man.

    3. The Man, you wrote “That’s really classy of you Dean, you TRIED it yet again. Good tactic, I will give you that, to try and attach me to this particular problem. My choice of words is not the topic here. On the top of the comment box doesn’t it say stay on topic? Not gonna stop using the word bruh. I know you don’t like it, but that is just too bad. I have been using that word for years, and I have used it on here since day one more than two years ago. I will not stop using the word for you. Most of us on here use or have used it, I doubt they will stop either. I am grown man.”

      The Man, I don’t question your manhood. I do question your judgment. I suggest you think about cause and effect. I was not trying to attach you to this particular problem–although there is a link between the use of the N word and this particular problem–now that you mention it. I call on you to think whether the use of the N word helps with problems such as black unemployment, crime, HIV rates, murder rates, etc.–or does it harm with those things. If your actions make such problems worse and you take those actions knowing that they make such problems worse, you forfeit your right to complain or claim that you are working to make things better. I’m calling on you to think about cause and effect. I challenge you to think!

  5. I feel sorry for these guys that got HIV through having unprotected sex with a virtual stranger. That being the case, throw the book at him if he deceived them about his HIV status or didn’t reveal his known poz status to them before having that sex. When will these guys learn? Unfortunately, maybe about the same time that athletes learn that women sometimes go for unprotected sex to turn their pussies into ATM machines. It’s so sad.

  6. What this article fails to say is that he’d meet these guys on Jackd.
    It was further illustrated on the news in St. Louis, which this occurred..

    1. Jack’d will get your negative status Jack’d. A couple of weeks ago, I said that online will be the death of gay men in the future. No one has died in this case yet, but this is just as bad. However, when I speak this shit, people downplay it and try to make me look like a fool. Keep trying, and I will sit over here with my neg status. In my way of thinking and decision making I am in a league of my own.

  7. NO I was not expecting the story to go in this direction, I just new this was going to be another hot he got caught with his pants down type of story and BAM. Sometimes I guess we forget the other side of the game. Sad to say HIV is going to explode in the coming years when all this raw sex is going to come back to literally haunt all these young people engaging in it now, its like everybody is saying Fuck it, Im invincible and besides they are going to have a cure for me by the time it catches up with me. Ironically I was just on the phone with a friend who was complaining that he was so sick of meeting dudes who just wanted raw sex now and it was always young dudes. What is it going to take for this shit to sink in, I can not believe that we are going backwards in the fight. There are no words for this scumbag but he is not alone. He serves as a cautionary tale about just because something looks good its not good. He is by no means a prettyboy but the combinations of muscle and being an athlete and many ideal of what a real man is, I can see that it was probably many dudes throwing themselves at him.

  8. let me say this, anybody in this century that is having unprotected sex with a stranger is DUMB AS FUCK! The bottom line is statistics say that black gay men are highly infected with HIV, so why in the fuck would you have raw sex with someone nowadays? ❓ 🙄 😐

  9. Wow this is from my hometown or close to it I’m from Kansas City mo it’s sad but I want people to wrap it up

  10. I hate these kind of stories about people deliberately going around spreading HIV. How can you be so evil? And what’s worse is that it’s in MO, which is the state I’m in. It’s just sickening.

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