i don’t think some of the kids “luh” melania trump

sidebar: why are the pics on her ig so low quality?
i mean,
does it reflect this presidency?
( x legendary )
so melania trump got the kids seeing through her.
from an elephant

“i heard about you bitch”
…and now she has our black youth giving the same energy.
“the white house” invited a bunch cubs from a charter school in dc,
digital pioneers academy,
to watch in a film called “wonder” in the white house theater.
during a group shot,
look at the “i see you” stare burning a hole right through melania…

she is def looking at her like a doofus.
you’d think that was my child.
i bet her parents are proud.

“That’s my child not falling for that jibba jabba!”

between the elephant,
and this vixen,
they’re my entire mood come to life.
i call it:

“I ain’t with the shits ESPECIALLY your shits”

just the way i act around the fraudulent.

lowkey: they say animals and children can pick up on bad energy.

4 thoughts on “i don’t think some of the kids “luh” melania trump

  1. Lol. What in the world is Ms. Melania Trump up to? Did you see the picture of all the young college black supporters of Trump? I saw a WHOLE lot of black faces up in there ….🤐

      1. Oh, yes. They be the first ones talking bout they are woke but will side eye another black person who isn’t “privileged” like them.

        I’ve learned to group people into two categories regardless of skin color, Present Solutions & Future Problems. A lot of those blacks are future problems. I feel for the generation that will have to grown old in the next 30 years or so (if the Earth isn’t destroyed by then). They will have to contend with these “Woke’ians” and their narcissistic self-elitism… The type that are more likely to throw you into a retirement home & never look back. 😒

        1. Also, I’m sending you a vid I saw on this white guy who behaving like a demon..I don’t know if he was on drugs or what but it was bad…

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