How To Look Like A Celebrity Unicorn (Jhene Aiko Tells Us How)


 celebrities are supposed to look like mystical creatures.
that’s their point.
they aren’t supposed to look or act common.
some are failing at both due to social media tho.
so someone asked jhene aiko what her skin care regiment on ig is.
her skin is what dreams of made of.
this is what she fonted that she uses…

now before you run to the store,
i wanted to give you some price estimates.
so we’ll start with fraxel.
according to “”:

Fraxel is the brand name of one of the first fractional lasers. The cost varies by where you live, the office you go to, and the size of the area being treated. A full face laser resurfacing should cost ranges from $900 to about $1400. A full face plus eyelid should run approximately $1400 to $1900. And a full face with neck and chest will be $1500 to $1900. If you have scars that might benefit from a Fraxel, you will get a specific quotation.

alastin “post procedure” products go for 305.
i’m guessing “cera v” is really “cera ve”.
that wash allegedly goes for 14.99.
“lancer scrub” goes for 75.
“circcell abo +|- serum face rejuv” is 175.
collagen pills can run up to 20 bucks (depending where you buy em).
“braggs apple cider vinegar” is 2.99.
“kangen water” doubles as alkaline water and the machine is 3 stacks,
although a bottle of alkaline water can run you 2 bucks.
“dr schulez super food” is 45.

this is how i love my celebrities to be.
humble bragging and honest about their life styles.
it makes me strive to live a life of luxury.
i hate that “i just drink water and use neutrogena” nonsense.
for some it can be genetics,
but they all have the money to afford a better up-keep than the rest of us.
i’ll list all her products websites for those who want to try them.
everything at your own risk.

fraxel: click here
alastin: click here
cera ve: click here
circcell: click here
collagen pills: click here
braggs apple cider vinegar: click here
kangen water: click here
dr schulez super food: click here

lowkey: unless i get me a sugar daddy wolf,
some of that stuff isn’t in the budget.
i do want to try the d schulez super food tho.

i’ll stick what what i use now,
so when i can accord to use those products,

i’ll evolve into “unicorn fox”.

6 thoughts on “How To Look Like A Celebrity Unicorn (Jhene Aiko Tells Us How)

  1. I sure hope those companies are paying her for endorsing them. This is why other celebs keep quiet about their routines and feed yall the vitamins and water tale.

  2. I’m glad she shared this because let’s be real most of these celebs have the kind of access to things we don’t. I see no problems with her or anyone spending their money on the kind of things they want.

  3. I’ve always had soft skin but had acne like everyone else when I was younger. I honestly don’t think all of that is necessary but whatever works. Drinking water is good…

    What you eat can play a part in acne as well as stress and sun damage. Cut out the processed crap too…Two things are true in this case.. “It’s what’s on the inside that counts and you are what you eat?”

    Most importantly is to have confidence in just being who you are. Ain’t no way I’m spending that much on face techniques and laser treatment. Lol

    Jamari about to have the kids making GoFundMe pages for “Facial Problems”.

    1. ^i legit laughed the fuck out at ” making GoFundMe pages for “Facial Problems”
      you know it’s coming.
      that fraxel ain’t gonna pay for itself!

      1. You right. There are people today who aren’t celebs and don’t have that money but have glorious skin. Ain’t no way I would go through all that pain and swollen mess, telling people it’s worth it. I’d rather use Indian Healing Clay instead for my skin (which you can also use as a hair mask if needed. When stuff is naturally good for you, it can have many uses. (Not saying the laser thing is bad or anything.)

        Idk though. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their skin and money. Isn’t their a risk of hyperpigmentation and stuff with that for darker skinned people? I wonder how much a chemical peel would be?

        I drink no sodas, only water and if I can get my hands on it, it has to be Akaline. I also like Coconut Water. I’m the healthiest person out there…I do eat other stuff.

  4. Damn! I never believed that “only water and neutrogena” shit ! Some people are just acne prone,healthy lifestyle or not! Ok the lifestyle might help a bit but trust me if You are the type to have a pimple while stressing etc well that black soap ain’t gonna help all the time ! I go to my dermatologist for black skin I use laser for my dark spot then I use natural stuff to keep it intact and try my best to be stress free but that ain’t happening,after my laser session it takes 2 years for my pimples/dark spot to comes back sigh Loool
    So it’s all bout the money not always about your lifestyle lol

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