we always joke around when someone does something heinous…

“Big Bubba is gonna violate his bootyhole in prison.”

…and don’t get me wrong,
some do deserve an ( x what cersei did to the sept ) end,
but stories like this one are actually pretty fucked up.
a family is suing a jail in philly for the death of their relative.
the relative was raped repeatedly until he died last year.
his screams for help went unanswered via “the root”.
this is how it all went down

A Philadelphia inmate who was found unresponsive in his cell over the weekend and later died was raped by another inmate, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

Armani Faison, 35, was discovered on the floor of his cell by a guard at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on Saturday morning, said authorities, who declined to comment about the sexual assault.

The law enforcement source and Faison’s sister said his battered body bore injuries that included sexual trauma, bite marks on his wrist, a swollen and battered nose, a welt on his chest and a scratch on his shoulder [added by The Root: and extensive rectal hemorrhaging]. He was pronounced dead at a hospital Saturday.

His cellmate is being questioned, said the law enforcement source, who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to reporters.

The 31-year-old on Wednesday had been accused of trying to sexually assault another inmate, according to an internal prison document obtained by The Inquirer. He was then moved into a cell with Faison, who had just arrived at the Northeast Philadelphia jail Wednesday on robbery and arson charges, according to court records.

It is believed that the two men got into a fight after the cellmate tried to sexually assault Faison, the source said.

“Nearby prisoners who were interviewed said Faison kept knocking on the cell and asking for help, but no one came,” the source said. “They said he kept calling for help all night to try and avoid [the cellmate], but no one came.”


After assaulting Faison, the cellmate removed both men’s clothes and broke the fire sprinkler in the cell, causing water to flow in, the source said. Then, he used the clothes to stop the water from seeping out of the cell, a move police believe was designed to destroy DNA evidence, the source said.

that is absolutely horrific.
the part that bothers me is his unanswered screams.
this is an alleged picture of the victim:

this sounds like some riker’s island shit.
this is why the family is suing via “the root“:

Faison’s family wants the city and several guards they believe could have prevented his death, held accountable. They allege that at least one guard left his post after a colleague asked for help in the jail’s kitchen, and they also named a third guard who they say was responsible for putting (Kevin) Massey and Faison in the same cell, according to the Inquirer.

is it wrong i feel emphatic for the victim?
even though he was a criminal jackal as well,
he didn’t deserve to die like that.
no one deserves to die like that.
i’m all with the family suing.
this is one of the many stories of negligence in a jail.

lowkey: i don’t like stories like this.
someone is being killed and their screams for help are ignored.
it’s like hearing a woman being abused,
screaming for help,
but everyone ignores her because they don’t want to be involved.

article cc: inquirer | the root


  1. The biggest problem in jails is the COs. They are your regular local hoodrats, who qualify as long as they don’t have a record. They don’t give a damn, and are punching a clock for a good benefits package. I understand that jail isn’t supposed to be the Ritz Carlton, but the sheer ‘treat them all the same’ approach is the epitome of stupid. The guards all know Tyrone because he basically lives there, and he’s locked up w Mike who’s there for driving without a license. Mike shouldn’t even be there long enough to take a nap, but because COs are no different than the rude, job hating, dgaf ppl at the dmv or any other govt office, you end up w an excess of ppl who could’ve been out of the way, wallowing in the system.

  2. CfCf is grossly overpopulated and has been since the 90s and early 00s. Everyone in Philly has heard horror stories. Not to mention covid19 broke out in there as well a few times. Most prisoners are there for lesser crimes. I hope the family sues and wins every penny. For a Man to cry out for help he was being assaulted frequently. The guy must’ve been taller and bigger than him. Damn Monster needs to be killed. Bite marks and welts. He literally terrorized him to death
    I feel he probably killed him first and then raped Him. His evil ass shouldn’t have been in general population to begin with.

    Rest in Peace Armani

    1. I’m with you on that. He killed him and raped him because he clearly was moved from trying to rape another inmate. He didn’t have to be stronger but from what was going on, they had a big ass fight and the fact he broke the sprinkler and not one alarm went off, that sounds like the guards knew what was happening and didn’t do anything on purpose. He is definitely going to rape again, he has nothing to lose. They can keep adding time all they want.

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