He Looks Dumb… Dumb and Fine Tho.

Have you ever seen a Wolf/Fox that was FINE but did not look too bright?
You try to talk to him on some intellectual shit, but it’s like:

Take Me Out
Buy Me Something Pretty
Fuck My Pretty Tail Off
No Talking

I know those types ALL to well.
Many Baller Wolves and Wolves from online are just like that.

This one here fits that mold…


Courtesy of: B~Woods Chronicles.

I’m not trying to say he is dumb.
He could be an advanced scholar in Math.
But, he just looks dumb…

… and with a body that needs to be FUCKED.


17 thoughts on “He Looks Dumb… Dumb and Fine Tho.

  1. I’m just saying…the “slow” boyz be throwin’ the dick and layin’ da pipe down!!!!!…#TRUTH

  2. The guy I’m into now is like that. Well he’s not dumb exactly. Just kind of… mentally backwards.

      1. Well like intelligence wise he’s not dumb. But he’s one of those being gay is unnatural even though its clearly obvious that I’m not completely straight types. Plus when there’s a conversation he’ll say something COMPLETELY unrelated.

  3. He also seems like one of these conceited, stuck up dudes who thinks his farts smell like baby powder.

  4. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this about this guy, or any guys in general, but he is so pretty that I find him unattractive. I don’t know if its the fact the he likes to show man cleavage, the ‘Come Hither,’ Zoolander face, or like some dudes I know, is always quick to shed his shirt, something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I’m just jealous b/c he is pretty flawless. I like pretty boys who got a couple of flaws, like a chipped tooth, or a facial scar, and are humble about their good looks. I hope this made sense.

    1. I know what you mean. Boys who are completely aware of their attractiveness often bring out those types of feelings for me. Some boys cultivate their looks so much that it becomes unappealing after a while.

    2. He’s not all that attractive in the face to me. In fact, fully clothed, he probably wouldn’t get a second look from me honestly.

      1. No he doesn’t look well put together to me. Even in his drawls he looks over styled. He’s trying too hard. The glasses, the way he stands, I can tell he’s a bit too fem for my taste. And sorry I just don’t see pretty in this guy. Amazing body. That takes hard work, but pretty? I don’t see it..

  5. he does have the cam newton eys. but he might have a masters in advanced chemestry… but if not all he needs to know is where to put the beef in the whole

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