He Didn’t Want Me.

Here is a quick story for all those folks
who liked someone and they didn’t want them back.

There is always a reason and a majority of the time, it isn’t you.

So I was on BGC one day and this dude hit me up.
Screen name: thuglvr something or the third.

He said he was a top and when we both unlocked your pictures,
we both liked what each other saw.

We talked and I was really vibin’ with dude.

He called me and he sounded good.
Conversation was great and things were flowing.
He had a good job and seemed like he had his life together.

I mean, we talk EVERY night.

He would tell me he hates when people lie and play games.
He is “real” and “straight up”.

It had to be the night before a big major holiday,
we decided to meet.
He said he would drive to the spot I was at and pick me up.
I wore a nice ass outfit and was looking right so,
you know I was ready.

When he arrived at the spot,
I got in the car and we talked all the way  back to The Den (home).
I mean, I was pretty nervous because I didn’t want to say anything to screw it up + he was cute (not to mention the car was fly).

He said he was tired and he would holla at me tomorrow.
I asked him to text me when he got in.

He did….. and then I never heard from him again.
I did my “text twice, no response means good bye” and they went unanswered.
It blew mines because here it is I met this fine dude and we clicked, or I thought we did,
and he never hit me back again.

I started questioning who I was and if I was a good person.
I thought something was wrong with ME.
Was I cute or sexy as I thought I was, or as other people have told me.
I was under a insecurity blanket HEAVY QUILTED lol.

Ultimately, I said FUCK HIM and held up the 2 finger swagga.

That was last year.

So I’m on BGC again, new name and a brand new attitude,
and I see his familiar name come over to my page.

Low and behold – he is not a top anymore but – (cues cymbals) A BOTTOM.
And appearing to be a Worn Out Bottom, might I add.

A bottom looking for a thug (hence the name, thuglvr) that would ultimately turn him out.

I am not a thug and never striving to be.
I’m just me.
Take it or leave it.
I felt relieved because it would have hurt more if we established something, went out, enjoyed each other’s company, and then he dipped.

The moral of the story is this:
Alot of the times,
it isn’t YOU.
It is THEM.
If you know you are a good person and you got the game on lock, keep the faith someone worth your time and energy will be there to appreciate that.
Fuck whoever doesn’t want you.

I can tell you stories of niggas who didn’t want me and are with a) assholes b) liars and cheaters c) contracted HIV or d) lonely and bitter.

My bottoms: They maybe a “Top 2 Bottom” (see STAY ON TOP) or he may just not be that into you. Do not sweat it tho.
Move on and find someone who looks just as good and likes you for you – and will ultimately love you.

Female Foxes, You can relate too. You know how it goes.


I have talked to ALOT of dudes and the ones who WANTED ME were true tops.
These fake BGC/A4A tops and “questioning who they are” tops never wanted me/pursued anything further because I cannot provide something they want: DICK IN THEIR ASS


… But It’s Just another journey on The Fox Hunt.

Words from your always faithful ryde or die, Jamari F0x.


X Marks The F0x: Which Little Fox got turned down on BGC today from a potential Big Bad Wolf in the making?

It was your only and only, Jamari.
Wasted my time and energy.
Convo was so-so (I was moreso interested in the body)
I unlocked my pics and he never responded.
Maybe the fantasy is always better than the reality…

Shame too….

I woulda rode his dick like I was in the Kentucky Derby and it’s name was “Sea Biscuit”.

His loss.

Later Foxes.

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