Guess Who is Also Going To Be On Empire Next Season?

empire-season-2they have added brandy,
mariah carey,
kelly rowland,
and beyonce (allegedly) as season guest stars for next season’s “empire”.
well lee daniels just conformed someone else that i’m sure cookie will be happy about..

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giphy…or does she mean “jody”?
i hope they don’t make tyrese play that character,
but remixed for empire.
i guess we will have to wait and see.
the new season of “empire” starts september 23rd on fox.

lowkey: taraji and tyrese have great chemistry tho.
this should be interesting.

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Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Guess Who is Also Going To Be On Empire Next Season?”

  1. In other words “Everybody and they damn mama.”

    I think Lenny Kravitz has been confirmed as well.

      1. How is this season any different from last season?Last Season they had Mary J,Anthony Hamilton,Jennifer Hudson,Patti Labelle,Rita Ora,Cuba Gooding,Naomi Campbell,Raven Symone,Courtney Love,Juicy J,Judd Nelson.
        Brandy and Mariah will probably play themselves and do duets with Jussie.

  2. Kelly Rowland is going to play Luscious’ mother in flashbacks.Adam Rodriguez is going to play Cookie’s boo.They need to find a new man for Jamal.What about Tyrese?

    1. ^Wait…Adam Rodriguez is going to be in Season 2?! I like him!
      He played Taraji’s neighbor/boyfriend in one of Tyler Perry’s movies. Damn, they bringing all of her co-stars back! LOL

  3. Ever since the last season ended we’ve been constantly hearing about it. I wish they could let us forget abt it and then BOOM! Come outta nowhere with it.

  4. Jesus, can’t taraji just be great on her own. Seems like every time she gets big here comes tyrese rearing his head.

    I really want taraji to move past whole bbaby boy hoodrat phase. Damn movie wasn’t even all that good.

  5. I don’t trip about all these guest stars. Most of them have been singers or rappers who are just in the scene singing and then bye. Like Estelle (who blew it out the box with that duet with Jamal). Or they help move the plot along and head out (like Jennifer Hudson). So I’m not tripping. I like Tyrese and glad he is going to have a part. I’m just glad black actors are getting some $$$. It’s often harder for them to get parts. I glad Lee Daniels is sharing some of that Fox money.

    1. Yeah, I agree with this. And “Conqueror” with Jussie and Estelle is my favourite song from that soundtrack! She killed it! I’m glad some people are getting work, but like someone else said, “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

      Maybe a few would have been okay, and if the show is still hyped they could spread out more cameos over a few seasons but it would be a good opportunity to give work to more new artists and talent. I think I’d rather see that personally.

      I think it feels too “congested” but hopefully they will be able to make it appear seamless.

      1. @Dignified…agreed. I just hope that it lives up to the hype and doesn’t fall off this season, you know?!

      2. Great comment. I don’t know if you are young enough to remember New York Undercover on Fox (Malik Yoba got started in that) but every show started or ended with an artists singing, like in a bar or club. Empire reminds me of that. But I get your point about all the congestion.

      3. Well see Christian, that’s my concern, is that they are doing all these cameo’s too fast for hype. It’s not just that, but the storyline in season 1 was very rushed and kind of random at times, luckily for them, it tied into itself in the end. My concern is that they are going to use all the hype up in the first two seasons, and then it’s going to dry up because of the way it’s being handled. There’s a lot of potential for the core story of Empire to be a lasting hit, but they’re not letting the show marinate itself lol. They are just throwing a million different ingredients into one pot hoping it will come out okay.

        They better not screw this show up because I need some Trai Byers in my life for awhile. Mmm.

        Immanuel for the first time in a while I feel young again, because I have not watched that show but have heard of it lol.

        Jussie Smollet is exactly what I’m talking about as a “new artist”. I know this isnt his first gig but this one is big and gives him a lot of exposure and he’s talented and seemingly humble and smart. I would like to see more Jussie Smollett’s get the spotlight over people we already know. People like J Hud etc are good for keeping the show spicy, but by cameo-ing as themselves is usually more entertaining I think.

        I have nothing against Tyrese but I don’t see the point of adding him to the mix.
        I guess they’re all friends and all want part of the action while its hot!

    2. ^I’m glad black actors are getting $$$ too as you said, but Tyrese isn’t that great of an actor. Yeah, he’s been in Transformers and Fast& Furious…but his role in those films were fairly forgettable for me all that. Hell, Ludacris’ character was more memorable for me in F&F.
      I agree with d112..yeah, people probably want to see them together again…but it’s unnecessary. She has this all on her own.

      1. See, I’m more concerned that all this is going to effect the integrity of the storyline.

        The core concept of the storyline is what I love about the show, I don’t want it to get messy or distract from the message of the storyline. I’m all for cameo’s but I’m concerned they are jumping the gun by doing too much too soon.

        Seems everyone wants to get on the Empire bandwagon though. I want them to improve on the clarity of the message and intent of the show and the development of the storyline. They’ve got the goods, the foundation, they just need to use them!

  6. Hi J,

    Have you noticed the quiet smear campaign against the upcoming season of Empire? It’s about to get louder.

    Industry people were upset Empire set so many records and beat previous ratings. It wasn’t supposed to do that. They don’t want the second season to succeed but will play along like they are excited.

    Monique fell right into their hands when she went on her “Monique vs. Lee Daniels” promo tour. This didn’t work, so it became Taraji is frumpy and jealous of her younger female co-star. That didn’t work. Taraji will probably be nominated for an Emmy to pretend that didn’t happen. Latinos are unhappy about lack of recognition. Didn’t work.

    The new target is Terrence Howard. For the record, I’ve always gotten “Fuck Boy” vibes from Howard. His lying about college degrees, to that untrue story about his “White looking Father” killing a man for him being mistaken as White man accompanying a Black child in a department store Santa Clause line, documented domestic abuse, etc. Notice how it’s only an issue the same month of the premiere?

    The media knew all of his documented issues since he was nominated for Hustle & Flow. They paid him handsomely for the first Iron Man.

    Hopefully, Empire Season 2 doesn’t get the next target I think it will.

    1. ^i noticed all these things lurker!

      i’m glad my foxy senses are on it!
      i heard they were trying to push terrence out.
      i don’t know why since he is the star as well.
      they better now destroy this show!!!

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