to become a sophomore means you made it through as a freshmen.
you required the skills to move on to a higher grade.
when it comes to music,
it’s popularity and album sales.
some people are not fortunate enough to make it past a first album,
let alone a first single.

sophomore albums mean growth for an artist.
it showcases a deeper side of them lyrically.
this is the time that they teach you who they are about.
things they went through.
learning lessons.
freshman album builds the foundation.
sophomore release creates the brand’s blueprint.

ready for round 4?
well, i am.
this is….























J. LO “J.LO”





..and be honest.
this isn’t a discussion about vocal talent.
this is about what their music meant to you and whose album did you wear out.
in picking your answer,
take into consideration

can you play without skipping tracks?
best lyrical content?
best image?
have the most memories?
songs made you feel good?
who inspired you?

16 thoughts on “FOR THE RECORD: (4)

  1. J.Lo’s out lol, singles were cool back in what ’01?
    Love Don’t Cost a Thing was great.

    This was probably Ciara’s best run but her albums are never really great as a unit, just a few good songs. But the few were really good. But she’s out.

    Amerie did it really big with 1 Thing but I can’t honestly say i listened to her album. So she’s out.

    B’Day was ok. Deja Vu wasn’t Crazy In Love even though they tried using the same formula, but it was kool for what it was. This album’s saving grace commercially and on the charts was Irreplaceable, she should be very grateful to Ne-Yo for that. After it’s success the release of the Video anthology for the rest of the album which was just ‘some songs’ kept it out there, i.e. ‘relevant’. The album itself though wasn’t much better than the previous and wasn’t really cohesive but it was kool for what it was. Beyonce’s best work is probably I Am…Sasha Fierce, that album really showed her talent and versatility and is her biggest commercial success which is really due to Single Ladies ’cause If I Were A Boy wasn’t making the impact they expected. And in all honesty neither did Single Ladies initially, if it wasn’t for internet ‘cultism'(which isn’t really what i mean but can;t really think of what I’m really trying to say lol) and the loads of videos of people trying to do the intense choreography it wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. but it did and it was great for her. But she’s out.

    Now this is really between Stripped and Diary of Alicia Key’s.

    Diary of Alicia Key’s was dope it was really good for Alicia commercially and it was a great representation of her artistically as well.. You Don’t Know My Name and If I Ain’t Got You were big and alot of people could relate to them. Karma did really good as well. But for me the best parts of this album were buried and weren’t released with teh exception of Diary maybe, because that song was deep loool, So Simple, Wake Up, Samsonite Man and Nobody Not Really, were really great but probably wouldn’t have done great commercially anyway. But as good as this album was Alicia’s out too.

    Apart from being the ‘longest’ album on this list, Stripped is probably the most cohesive female pop album for the ’00-’10 decade. It had everything meaningful ballads to ‘party songs’ to ‘get freaky’ songs lol. The album got off to a bad start with Dirrty being banned from American TV, but Beautiful’s lyricism and video really got the album out there. Stripped has to be played from beginning to end, it’s pointless to skip any of the tracks ’cause it really does take you on a journey. And everyone should be album to relate to tracks on this album, my favourite song on this album was ‘Walk Away’ and if you haven’t heard it, you really should go listen to it. Now!. lol. Get Mine Get Yours, Impossible, Underappreciated, Soar, Keep On Singing My Song, Can’t Hold Us Down I’m Ok.The album was dope. Point Blank. No matter how you’re feeling at any time there’s a song that’s on the same wavelength. For me Christina Wins this one.

    Lol at Britney not being included.

  2. It’s Alicia for me, but I’m partial here because other that B’Day, I have not heard the other albums in their entirety.

    It’s funny that you added this: “this isn’t a discussion about vocal talent” because as I was scrolling down the entry, that was what I started thinking about.

  3. Bday all the fucking way. I didn’t even have to see the other albums. I love it because it was so upbeat, every song was an uptempo. I hate to say this, but I think when Bey actually becomes a legend we will say this is her at her peak.

  4. Alicia Keys is my joint. Beyonce is when I’m feeling ‘dancy’ lol.

    I haven’t really heard too much of the other albums, but I feel I need to check out Xtina – Dirrty is still one of my jams.

  5. Damn this is a hard one…
    I thought ALL of the divas’ sophomore album was were hot!

    I have to go with Beyonce because I played her album OUT! Not to mention she did that album in 2 WEEKS! AND she put a video out for just about every song on the album. She prove that she was THAT bitch. What ironic is she is still relevant among the pick but we talkin about the sophomore era. B’Day got a lot of critics but it was a fun album and I loved it. Of course I was still a ‘drag’ queen so naturally I would love it. The Beyonce Experience Tour is STILL my favorite tour from her. This is the SAME tour when she ‘superman’ down those stairs in Orlando and that by itself was EPIC!

    I won’t shade the other girls. I bought their album too and I played them out. Alicia’s album was the truth. Lyrically it was brilliant! Amerie’s Touch album was the shit. It’s a shame she is not as relevant today. Xtina’s second album is STILL one of the best albums of our generation! J.Lo album was hot and spicy! This was around the time JaRule was relevant and she was married to that fine dancer!

  6. I knew step for step to the amerie one thing video choreography. By this time I was downloading music and I had them all lol

  7. ok so…

    b’day is what signified beyonce as a drag queen.
    singles were great.
    album was decent.
    can’t really listen to it now.
    all over the place.
    it was all surface.
    just a bunch of upbeat shit that shifted from one emotion to the next.
    another non-cohesive release from b.

    j.lo, ciara, and amerie had good sophomore albums.
    nothing serious.
    i dust them off when i just want something to bump.

    this battle form me is between alicia and christina.
    i wore these albums out!!!
    i was both dealing with stuff when these albums were released.
    alicia when i was crushin HARD BODY on this straight wolf.
    album made me fall in love with her… and him.
    it didn’t work out like i wanted,
    but when she released this album,
    i would go to it for comfort and understanding.
    what person in the lifestyle did not relate to “you don’t know my name”???
    that is the official “discreet/down low” song.

    christina was getting me through when life had given me a major blow.
    every song on that album i related too.
    i bled to that album.
    i cried to that album.
    many nights, i would go to sleep to that album.
    when life does me wrong and i need to remember who i am,
    or i need to get into the inner depth of myself to figure out why i’m hurt,
    i go to christina.
    plus, she always seems to release content when i’m dealing with bullshit.
    this new lotus album came right on time.

    stripped wins this for me.

      1. ^if i’m playing stripped,
        i’m in a bad place.
        i’ve played stripped writing my best entries!!!!

        frosty that is album is her BEST.
        nothing she has released has matched it so far.
        that album is the real christina aguilera.

  8. I have to go with “The Diary of Alicia Keys.” A few songs of that album touched me. “If I ain’t got you” and “You don’t know my name” were my fav songs on the album.

  9. Xtina alll the way. That’s when the REAL Xtina walked in the building. I love that album and I still play it a lot.

  10. Beyonce and Alicia keys! Beyonce’s was more upbeat and fun and alicia’s made you think! love em both for 2 different reasons. You should have added Ashanti’s Chapter 2 album, because I thought it was really good.

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