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Quick question…

Kind of a spin off from my usual Meetup With A Faceless Stranger entries..

Have you ever met someone from off a chat site….
and they looked BETTER than you expected?

What happened?
Did it work out/did not work out?

13 thoughts on “f0x Asks… (6)

  1. Yep, a few times. And of course I’ve had the opposite, where I wanted to fight them in their face for lying…smh

  2. Yep I have and I would say they looked the same or better 75% of the time.

    I’ve learned in the same way the internet can add a mystique to a person who really has none, sometimes it just doesn’t do people justice at all. You just have to experience how someone talks, walks, and their mannerisms and how it mixes with the way they look.

    People tell me my pics do me no justice, but I’ve never liked taking pics so most of the ones I have are 2-3 years old just so they won’t be able to instantly recognize me in person in the future. lol

    1. Lol!!! Yessss..you better get it in with the math tutor. Yeah, we fucked twice after that. He was a whole freak. He didn’t want me to wear underwear when he picked me up. Lol.

      1. ^he wasn’t a math tutor LOL

        I just told my aunt that he was so I could get him in the crib.
        she would have been looking at me like who is this grown looking man going with Jamari to my guest bedroom.
        he came after work so he was dressed in business attire…

        damn good times.

  3. yes! There was one night when I was bored and I decided I was tired of keeping it locked after a year and some change. I ended talking to this dude who was being really weird about his picture. He was a black and asian dude who seemed like he had a really strict family (aka a lot of people to please). Definitely a business man, as soon we met he wanted to see the cookies. He was way cuter than he projected himself to be. Anywho, I had just moved back in with my parents because I was just starting my new job after college. Within an hour, I was bent over on the washing machine in the basement getting piped down something crazy. It was the first and only few times I took a chance. I ended starting to like him but he clearly just wanted a business relationship of texts, sexy pictures, and occasional sex. Im definitely more of a relationship person but that was an empowering couple of weeks. lol

    1. ^did you guys have sex more than once?
      that story was hot…

      my “math tutor” in my aunt’s crib was fuckin me real good in her guest room.
      what made it hot was that we had to be quiet….
      she was watching television and she had no idea LOL

  4. Honestly, this is what happened with my current boyfriend. He hit me up on A4A and I thought he was decent looking, but nothing special. Something told me to still talk to him, and even just go on a first date (hell what’s the worst thing that could happen?), and to my surprise he was sooo handsome.

  5. Back in the day (early 00s),
    all I met were fine gorgeous dudes who had money, cars, and apartments.
    I would always be lucky and some dude would hit me up and be my type.

    A published writer (FIONE)
    A college football player (FIONE)
    A underground rapper (FIONE… and didn’t believe him until he pulled up to my crib in a Navi)
    Wolf who worked in the government (FIONE… I introduced him as my Math tutor and my aunt was tryna get at him LOL)
    Couple Wolves who had good jobs in office jobs (Cute to FIONE)

    … their issues with why is there never worked was 80/20.
    Me being 80.
    They all liked me when they met me off line and were very attracted to me (a little too much sexually and that kinda scared me)
    I was very insecure during those days and I let my fears get the best of me.

    Nowadays it is messy queens, Hyenas and Jackals, and broke Wolves running the online scene.
    Everyone is putting on a facade and acting more than they really are.
    You may find those 1 or 2 that are worth it… but it is a hunt.

  6. I pray so. I was around my apartment complex dressed in a shirt and tie doing some things for work when I saw this tall dude walking towards the office where I was. He’s definitely over 6 feet tall. He has this basketball swag about him and can’t tell if he’s toned, I’m thinking he is, and his face is cute! Any who, me thinking oh this guy is street, said, “wassup?” What shocked the shit out of me was instead of him replying “nothin or just chillin,” he actually greeted professionally. “Good afternoon. How are you doing?” Voice was so ooooo. It caught me like love song. I was thinking, do you want me to bend over and have your way with me? Hopefully I’ll see him again.

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