Double C; Double Trouble?

i like baby fantasies.
oh oops.
my mic is on.
so why didn’t anyone tell me colin kaepernick and cam newton were teaming up?
they both hosted cartoon networks’s 4th annual “hall of games” award show on monday.
i miss all the fun.
well here are a buffet of kodakz and videos

well they had a good time.
listen i can only deal with about 1 child per hour.
i’m being honest.
anyway how random was it they were both hosting?
im not complaining tho.

lowkey: colin’s “kaeperwives” stan-base runs deep!
they will cut you if you even bring the disrespect.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Double C; Double Trouble?”

  1. You know they were cute in a funny kind a way but please heres the rule…NO NFL PPAYER SHOULD EVER ATTEMPT TO SING OR ACT….EVER. On any stage…PUHLEASE..

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