David Clowney of the Bills Wants Everyone To Know About His HIV Status

Guess what…?

“Got My HIV Results Back!! Thank God for keeping my body healthy and safe”

Scrolling through David’s twitter feed, I found one thing apparent; he lives up to his last name of Clowney. Alright, lame joke, but the 26-year-old special teams and wide receiver for the Bills announced via twitter he is clean. Ladies, I’m sure you probably didn’t know who he was before the tweet, so no need to jump on the David Clowney groupie wagon now.


I actually think this is a positive thing!
Congrats David!

Riddle me this…
How much kids does he have?

and I’m sure he earned about 15,000 more followers.

7 thoughts on “David Clowney of the Bills Wants Everyone To Know About His HIV Status

  1. I wonder if he had a scare and wanted to quiet any rumors. Regardless, I would not post it on a social site, just for it to go viral. So, does he get down or what?

  2. I know him, he’s my sisters friend from high school…. He’s a really nice guy….

  3. at least he keeps up with his status somthing we all should do. cute face but that fohead….

  4. I think it’s good – he’s getting tested; might not have wanted to put his phone number out there like that, but hey…go ‘head w/that fo’head!

  5. He’s a fuckin cutie. His phone number is on there, I should give him a call, maybe I could fly to buffalo for some raw lovin since he’s just got his results. 🙂

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