da brat is gonna have a lil da brat running around soon

every lesbian i knew had a crush on da brat.
i think she was the ‘starter gay crush” for many lesbains tbh.
when she started “dressing in vixen drag”,
she had all the wolves standing at attention.
retired nba baller wolf,
allen iverson and her,
were both sprung off each other:

Just because someone has kids or deals with the opposite sex,
that doesn’t mean they won’t deal with the same sex in the future.
People gotta ease their way into the arms of the same sex that loves them.

da brat has come a long way and at 48,
she is about to go even further because…


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this is shocking for many people because they think judy would be carrying.
for many of us in the foxhole…

This is how it goes in many lesbian relationships.

if we even wanna go further,
i’ve seen single studs get pregnant because they had sex with a male.
nothing is off limits.
congrats to da brat and judy!
may they both have a successful and safe pregnancy ahead.

x see people magazine article here

7 thoughts on “da brat is gonna have a lil da brat running around soon

  1. I hope for the best for Da Brat and her family, but can we keep it real and say the quite part out loud, Da Brat is 49 years old ,pregnancy is hard the older you get especially for black women due to the racism that is inherent in the medical field; even with money and fame both Beyoncé and Serena Williams had difficult pregnancies.

    We live in perilous times, and no one can predict the future, the math is not adding up all things considered. So, you are going to have a baby at 49 to 50 years old so by the time this child is 18 you’re going to be 67. Something is seriously wrong in our society where people just refuse to accept the joys and the burdens of getting old. I’m not trying to be ageist, but you have people out here 64 years old looking better than people in their 20’s, I don’t think people realize that’s not supposed to happen. Da Brat looks fantastic for her age, hell she also looks better than some people in their 20’s but I don’t care how much yoga you do, how much moisturizers and creams you use, how much hair dye you buy, those bones don’t lie, and they tell everything.

  2. i’ve seen single studs get pregnant because they had sex with a male.

    Found this out recently and it confused me, but some things are not for me to understand.

  3. i think the wife tried but hers didn’t take. Also Brat set for life now. Cuz if they divorce, that child support money gonna be long.

    i did not know Da Brat & A.I were a thing. I can admit tho I was shocked at how pretty Da Brat is when she dresses like a woman.

      1. yes. People have always said da brat is only with judy for her money.
        I’m surprised they didn’t use a surrogate.

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