baller and married, tim anderson, is becoming a liability with his ruthless side hoe

i told a friend the other day:

If someone ever called me talmbout they dealing with my manz,
and being one of those goofy types,
I’m dropping my partner based on the fact his ass was sloppy.

i can learn to turn the other cheek if i’m satisfied,
but if his hoe isn’t checked and trained is a no bueno for me.
that means he is a liability and that means i’m unhappy.
this is one of my fav songs for a reason:


not only that:

Don’t bring anything home that has to be fed or treated with medication.

mlb baller jackal,
tim anderson,
is coming off like a liability.
he has been in the middle (literally) in ( x this drama ) with his side hoe,
dejah lanae.
he posted his wife bria on his ig and then the goofy followed…

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bankrupt black lives matter (no seriously, the company is facing bankruptcy)

the first time i heard rumblings of shadiness behind the company,
black lives matter,
my foxy senses knew it was a matter of time.
when i heard of questions about where the donation money went,
random big ass houses that were bought,
and whispers of alleged plastic surgery,
my foxy senses could smell the smoke before the forest fire.

Black lives matter…
but it doesn’t seem to matter to the co-founders of the BLM organization

it seems they’re expose is on the way because…

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the killer onlyfans couple will be hoping for new love after lockup

before posting this story,
i wanted to get receipts first.
the foxhole was sending me things but no source.
when i went to investigate online,
i saw NOTHING.
it was hidden like the psychotic in these two hyenas.
( x catch up here )
eric dodds and johntae kavon collier,
the killing hyena tiktok/onlyfans couplen known as “eandjgang“,
will be enjoying their new diggs on cellblock d.
the verdict is in and…

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yardiestyle gets exposed (again)?

i didn’t realize how fine of star,
i’ll always remember his debut on xtube.
*pours out likka for xtube*

i watch his flixxx for the stroke and the big ‘maican bunz tbh.

i’m only in there for “post-nut clarity” purposes.
there have been rumblings in the forests about how he gets down tho.
yardie likes to release content without permission.

a foxholer sent me the lead to another vocal victim of yardie.
he goes by the name of thiquecam.
they got into it on twitter spaces about this same issue.
it led to alleged revelations about hiv and yardie givin’ the bunz up

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marjorie taylor greene’s manz is such a drag

marjorie taylor greene is the head karen sent from a special section of hell.
i think she is the leader of all the karens tbh.
her recent nonsense really annoyed tf outta me:

but gonna say this during a press conference after:

that shit had me fired tf up.
so you know i was glad when her manz was exposed for doing drag

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another day; another remake (the color purple 2023)

i’m one of those people who saw the color purple very late.
it was one of those movies i “wasn’t allowed to watch” in barbados.
there are a few classic movies that i didn’t watch off the strength.
so when it came to the color purple,
i watched it in the early 2000s when netflix was mailing out dvds.
i wonder if i can still see my old watch list on netflix?

ima be 110 with you foxhole:

I’m tired of all the remakes.

and on the list for another remake,
the color purple 2023 has been added to that list.
i was sketch city with oprah touching a classic but…

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