Fox Relationship Goals (4)

tumblr_nzpyzvXx171ucse80o1_500i really like this couple.
they seem genuine.
even though they’re not gay,
i really liked how the following incident was handled.
so meagan good and her husband,
pastor devon franklin,
were at an event promoting their new book,
“the wait:
a powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love”.
well a she-jackal in the audience decided to get at the way meagan dresses.
this is what happened after for my relationship goals…
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How To Save 50 Million and Spend None of It

MARSHAWN-LYNCH-FLIPS-BIRD-FEATURED-IMAGEyou know how people think all baller wolves are stupid?
well some definitely are…
but ones like marshawn lynch of the seattle seahawks aren’t.
so marshawn has amassed about 50 million dollars in the nfl.
according to him,
he hasn’t spent a dime.
this is what yahoo finance has to say…
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You Will Rise From The Ashes (New Season)

tumblr_mg5qyqy5v51rdtdoho1_500_zps054345faa new season always calls for a new start.
i have been wanting to start fresh for a while.
the only problem is:

i don’t know how

i feel like there is something inside trying to come out.
its this feeling of power that i know right now,
i wouldn’t be able to control.
i have to get a hold of what i’m dealing with first.
so i decided that these new season will start from the ashes.
i have decided to start destroying everything that is no good…

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