Can We Worship Your Fat Ass BASEGOD?


I dunno what the HELL Lil’ B is talking about in that music thing he is doing,
but we are all in agreement he has a beautiful rump on him.

I’m sure my Wolves are in agreement….

Would you like us to worship your cakes BASEGOD?

The Foxes would rather much worship that pipe
BTW BASEGOD: Can we get some new shoes on those feet?

7 thoughts on “Can We Worship Your Fat Ass BASEGOD?

  1. Its something so incredibly stupid and wack about this dude but something so incredibly sexy at the same time. I cant explain it but he is HOT!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t know any of his songs, but the way he dresses is super suspect.

    With that being said, I still wouldn’t pass that ass up.

    I just wouldn’t be seen in public with him. lol

    1. dats some wack ass down low nigga shit. if u wud hit it …, u gay or bi so u only want to be seen wit a thugged out ass nigga huh. I would smash any day … wife dat up and walk da street cause …. im dat thugged ass nigga don’t need a nigga 2 be 4 me.

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