Brandon Jennings Wants You Under His Armour

When did he get…. this cute?



Now I always thought he had some low key swagg.
He was too small and scrawny for my taste,
but these videos showed me he got some kind of cute too.
His lips are nice also.
Bottom lip is ripe for sucking on.

I see you BJ….
(Lord the jokes write themselves…)

Is he still dating Teyana?

9 thoughts on “Brandon Jennings Wants You Under His Armour

  1. Every since I saw the video of him twistin and voguing to lady gaga i’ve been turned off.

  2. Well I’ve always been a fan since he’s a southern Cali native. He seems fun, playful, and goofy. Guys like this I hope stay true to themselves and don’t get caught up in the fame, but Brenden fell victim. A bunch of ugly meaningless tats, pops up with a baby mama, hanging with The Game and Black Wallstreet, wants to be a rapper, wants to be a model, now he’s hard and tough, falls out with his childhood friends. Another one bites the dust…

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