Arquez Cums 2 Town

Meet your new neighbor.

Everyone say hi to Arquez.
He is the new “Wolf” to join the porn neighborhood.
I had a few Foxes (and Wolves surprisingly) send me emails asking to feature this new sex toy on the scene.
Well, here ya go.

I had a chance to check out his resume and he is very handsome.
He has a nice lean body and the tats make him more sexier…

…but I get the feeling he will be bending over in flicks to come.
I could be wrong.
Something about him screams:

“Another Wolf took a wrong turn in my garage… but I let him park his car inside a few times.”

What do you think?



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Arquez Cums 2 Town”

  1. He is entirely too pretty…those eyebrows, lips, & ultra-thin mustache? If he didn’t bend over at some point, I’d be surprised – I’d hit; guess the modeling thing didn’t work out *shrug*

    S/N: I thought you didn’t like em lean, J? 😉

    1. I saw his modeling shots.
      handsome guy – guess fucking is his new career.
      he has a nice little giddy up…
      nothing like dream or python, but entertaining for a friday nite.

      i prefer a lot of meat in my diet,
      but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t entertain a small fry every now and again 😉

  2. he cute but a lil skinny 4 my liking. i like um ripped n beefy. line backer to d-end build but ill work with a lineman…

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