Are Foxes Asking For Too Much?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.25.55 PMi saw this on twitter just now.

i’d deal with tony.
can i meet a “tron”,
who acts like a “tony” tho?
or is that asking for too much?

tumblr_inline_mk1gl8elmt1rq050blowkey: i’m not saying my wolf gotta be ballin,
but at least have some kind of job.
at least if you gonna be out here escorting,
let me be ya manager.

14 thoughts on “Are Foxes Asking For Too Much?

  1. Meh, I get it, but I feel that that meme is too patriarchal to my preference. I could really do without the bottom shaming…

  2. Lol at that gif. Idk I can be with a “tony” but a lotta times the “tony” has no swag, and I get bored. I want someone with the Aggressiveness of a “Tron”.

    1. ^yup.
      “tron” is appealing for that reason.
      just like a fox with a fat ass is appealing to a wolf,
      we as foxes like what we like as well.
      the issue is we think “fuck him now so he will stick around”.
      it doesn’t help that same wolf eggs it on as well.

      1. Right I’m foxy for a reason if I wanted to be with someone just as foxy I would be a wolf. 🙂

      2. Yea, that is the mentality of some Foxes. Women also do the same in dealings with men. Sex does not keep us around at all. Another dude will always have an ass that is fatter. Us Wolves have to start doing better tho. I do my part as a grown man. I keep it loyal, I don’t cheat, and I’m responsible. The body is lookin kinda nice and the pipe is right. No Fox can ask for more than that.

        S/N: I could not help but notice that the pic used for Tron was Vinny Graham. Damn, he’s right. His instagram is a thirst trap. I feel weird looking through his pics though. He looks way too much like me.

  3. Most guys want to date/sex another guy that has the body of Adonis and the face of America’s Next Top Male Model and when that guy is not available, they feel that they have no choice but to continue to sample dick and/or ass to the max.

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword. Live by the superficial and it’s die by the superficial.

    1. Precisely. That’s why I have no sympathy for most of these dudes that claim they’re looking for the one, but their actions and values don’t align with that.

      There’s no such thing as whoring around until you find the right one. Either you just smashing or you looking for something meaningful. A lot of dudes are fooling themselves.

  4. The qualities listed exemplify the root of the problem. Dick and body right at the top of the list. Smh lol

    I’m sorry but is anyone the least bit enlightened these days?

    So “average” is the alternative one settles for instead of someone that looks good but has no job and is dishonest and shady?

    As long as the guys that are nicely wrapped, but empty packages are celebrated and put on pedestals and everyone else is deemed less than or “average”, gays will be doomed.

    1. ^isn’t dating just doomed in general?
      it seems everyone is living in a social media world of cheating.
      you can meet that average tony and he could be acting a fool cheating.
      the issue is no one takes the time to talk these days.

      1. Average Tony could be a bust, but that just means he was the the wrong damn one.

        All I’m saying is if you use that logic in that pic you’re wasting your time and energy.

        I think we’d like to believe dating is dead to make us feel better about our personal situations. It’s a good way to shift the blame for why one keeps meeting the same types and falling into the same cycles instead of reflecting.

  5. Actually you Foxes are picky. Not to put my fellow Wolves down, but they are the ones who ask for too much. I be hearing some crazy shit out here man. Foxes be coming to me all broken with low self-esteem and shit. As long as dude has money, he is attractive, and can fulfill my emotional and physical needs I’m good.

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