I Met The Devil Today

tumblr_mb2e909eQA1r6h5tro1_400i was tired as i don’t know what today at work.
ever since i ran out of multi vitamins,
i have been feeling super sluggish.
early in the morning,
my old boss requested me to deal with a client that was coming in.
thing 2 called out and she couldn’t have the floater handle this person.
when i found out who the client was,
i nearly fainted.
it also explains my “omg…” tweet…

SHE is the editor and chief of one of the biggest magazines in the world.
she decides whats hot and whats not.
she is the queen.
i’m sure you have gathered who she is by now.

tumblr_inline_mo2ru9qoe41qddlmhi wanted to run out and buy a new outfit.
thats how much she is an influence.
even tho i tried my hand at color blocking today,
i still wasn’t feeling what i had on.
i wanted a “she” worthy outfit.
i didn’t have any extra cash,
so i sucked it up and turned my swagg on.
i know if star fox was still here,
he probably would have screamed when i called him.
i would have blown up his phone today.
she was his idol.

its funny tho…
a lot of the blacks at my job don’t know who she is.
i told one of the mailroom wolves and he was confused.
the floater didn’t really care.

“if she ain’t paying my bills,
she is a nobody…”

i bet if it was some rapper tho…
my old boss thought i wouldn’t know either,
but i told her i definitely knew who she was.
i told her how star fox loved she and wanted to meet her when he was alive.
she told me he was probably going to be here in spirit so make him proud.

when she arrived,
i went to go greet them at the front.
the snow bunnies in the hall damn near had a heart attack.
she looked even better in person.
she had on glasses and her signature “face”.
i love “the face”.
she was also with an older snow wolf who did all the talking.
i was nervous,
but i played it off good.
she said:

“thank you”.

if you know she,
you know she don’t speak to anyone.
this was me inside:

tumblr_meeokhJZEE1qghl49o1_500i smiled and sat back at thing 2’s desk.
when she left,
she didn’t say bye,
and i didn’t expect it.
just by seeing she,
it made me want so much more after i went back to my own desk.
it made me realize that i def want to be in a bigger circle.
i want to know she.
attend she events and parties.
her aura is just so powerful that it makes you want to bow down.
when i told my old boss she said “thank you”,
she literally gasped and smiled.

“thats a big deal!”

it was.


13 thoughts on “I Met The Devil Today

  1. I know I’m late bit HOT DAMN , that’s big I would have been sweating up something fierce.

  2. Yeah, I’m no fashionista, but I know Anna Wintour is a BOSS!

    You can tell she exudes a regal presence. Decades in the game and no one has even come close to coming for her!

  3. oh, the hint was devil as in the devil wears prada. i wiki’d that film and saw this “Although the movie is set in the fashion world, most designers and other fashion notables avoided appearing as themselves for fear of displeasing U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour,

    she got power

  4. I know exactly how u feel. When I see AW in the press, I know SHE is a celebrity, but I’m much more impressed by HER power. Not too many people in any industry has HER type of influence. And momma has been doin it for 20+ years. Whatever SHE was doing in your neck of the woods must have been important. At this time of year, SHE is putting on the finishing touches for the September issue and getting ready for Fashion Week. I hope some of HER confidence rubbed of on you.

    1. ^as a person who runs a blog,
      she is someone i look up to rashad.
      looking at her walk was overwhelming.
      she is a big fuckin’ deal.
      one of the mailroom wolves said i should have taken a selfie with her.
      and get blacklisted??????
      i had to break down who she is and they was on her team.
      she has serious power in this industry.
      even tho she is in one industry,
      her power stretches to others.
      for rihanna and beyonce to be loved by her.
      for kanye to have to BEG to have kim on the cover…

      thats a big deal.
      that is what i want to be in this blogging world.
      i decide if you are hot or not.
      you have to beg me to get featured.

      1. Bet, in a few years, you can be AW, I’ll be [the masculine version of] Andre Leon Talley.

  5. Damn, I must be slow, I still don’t know who she is lol. I don’t read magazines like that tho.

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