“a word” from cardi b

we usually get bursts of inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources.
i know i do and sometimes it’s needed.
cardi b wants you to know she has always been a vibe,
even when she was a stripper with crooked teeth.
this is what she put up on ig the other day…

the charisma on that one.
she is definitely a star.

as ratchet as she is tho,
she’s right.
she has pretty much shown us that being herself has gotten her far.
most of us can be wrapped up in our heads,
feeling that our physical flaws stop folks from loving us,
and being insecure over where we are in life,
that we often forget that shit just don’t matter.
if you always carry yourself like you the shit,
others will follow.
half the time,
they don’t even see the shit that we so worried about.
this often explains why the ugly or fat muh-fuckas pulls the sexy ones.

video taken: instagram

4 thoughts on ““a word” from cardi b

  1. I’m a whole vibe myself so yea say that shit Cardi. People with no personality always hating from outside the club. You can hate but you can’t duplicate. Ow!

  2. Say what you want, Cardi has that energy, realness that most people can relate to, she is ratchet but isn’t ashamed to be herself, she is true to herself. I bet she’d be fun to hang out with.

    1. She a caricature imitating black women. A real black woman cant even act that way and get success but a thotty Latina can. Pay attention y’all keep referring to she’s so real.. that bs only works in the ghetto.

      I’m be glad the day when more rappers like Lizzo, Megan the Stallion, Childish Gambino, J Cole and other college educated artist are able to truly represent not because you keep it real…

  3. Yes, Ma’am!! I love my Cardi B!! When you are a Vibe, that’s immediately separates you from the pack! Always be an individual, never a duplicate!!

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