“a word” from cardi b

we usually get bursts of inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources.
i know i do and sometimes it’s needed.
cardi b wants you to know she has always been a vibe,
even when she was a stripper with crooked teeth.
this is what she put up on ig the other day…

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Chris Brown Give Us “Inspiration/Go To Hell”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 8.03.27 PMchris brown has something to get off his finger tips.
he said it via instagram
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Everything That Rises Must Cry First

tumblr_m4hj9jUsP81qah89qo1_400i just had a long talk with star fox’s mom.
i really appreciate that she still catches up with me.
she is currently suffering with a bad leg.
i was telling her about my job and how stuck i felt.
how i got an email from the recruiter yesterday,
but when i asked if we could interview after i get off work,
she told me she leaves every day at 330pm.
i could take the day off to go in,
but realistically that this is a temp agency.
she would have to find me jobs that i would have to interview for.
i would still have to take a ton of days off until i find the perfect job.
i let her know how my department is being run by clowns.
how much they don’t like me,
but have to deal with me since i do a better job than them all.
how i want to really say “fuck these jobs mang” all together.
i want to be my own boss and have my own rules.
i was frustrated and needed to vent all this word vomit out of me.
suddenly i felt the needed to turn it all around and say the following
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A Complete Breakfast With A Side of Foxi Quotes!

tumblr_mdhpy23B1d1rq81j2o1_500doesnt that look delish?
i should head my ass down to ihop.
in between blessings (as i like to call it) right now.
so i saw these power quotes i wanted to share with the foxhole.
i gotta keep you motivated as well as myself.
dig in…
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The 3 Things I Will Know Better

another daily prompt i wanted to try:

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

Ok let’s go…

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