The 3 Things I Will Know Better

another daily prompt i wanted to try:

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

Ok let’s go…

off guard.
i like that.
the best pictures are the ones taken secretly.
you have no time to pose.
become what you think is sexy.
you are taken how someone else views you.
how they love you.
the beauty they see that you sometimes don’t.
but, i like his nose.
i have a thing for noses.
big ones.
they compliment a face sometimes.
his face looks symmetrical.
i can’t do a buttaface.
you can tell he has body underneath the stripes.
his arms gave it away.
did i win a prize?
i wondered who was behind the camera?
was it me?
i wish.
someone i’m sure he would fuck later.
i looked at him and wondered what his life is like?
is he successful, or is he struggling?
did he have low self esteem?
does he have money?
you never know what really happens in the minds of others.
we don’t care about their lives.
stand there and look pretty.
we get too caught up in their outward beauty.
the object of his seduction.
something you want to touch.
to feel.
to have next to you forever.
but, he could be a fucking pyscho.
you never know.
we don’t care.

you don’t need an old man is a robe to tell you.
this is what makes the world go round.
you need it to survive.
or, it will send you into a tale spin of depression.
it is funny what a green rectangle can do for your self esteem.
you don’t think anything of it,
but when you don’t have it,
you think about it… a lot.
i haven’t had it for a while.
you can tell by my body language.
i’m not my best without it.
as shallow as that sounds,
when you live in a city that can’t function without it,
you start to realize how much it has become a part of your life.
you are judged based on how much of it you have.
when you don’t have as much,
you are the one hit wonder to your neighborhood.
we fight to get it.
rob and steal to own it.
never satisfied when we have a lot of it.
you are addicted to it.
it can never go away because you will.

oh ok.
this is one is the most important.
one that makes me feel good because i can visualize it.
i can feel it.
smell it.
taste it.
i often imagine that this feels like.
the wind blowing in the trees in the caribbean.
you know that breeze that moves the leaves softly?
not too hard.
not too soft.
this time it moves the waves in front.
it can’t rock the hammock you are laying on,
but it does make it’s impression felt when it touches your skin.
that is often what i visualize as peace.
staring into the ocean in anguilla.
my feet are propped up on my beach chair and i’m chillin’.
my green rectangles made change for me.
a new direction in my life.
i am looking at my wolf swimming in the pool.
i would join him, but i’m embracing this feeling.
i can get wet with him later.
but his feeling?
it’s fleeting.
it doesn’t last long.
it just happens when we finally slow down.
we stop rushing and drown everything out.
that feeling of pure euphoria.
i am in a good place.
with him.
with it.
with peace.


not really in a sequence.
but whatever.

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