Tyler Perry Wants You All To Turn Back Around

tyler-perryseems like tyler heard about the “walter hampton” situation.

x see situation 1
x see situation 2

he wrote an open letter in regards to people “living in the past”.
rhymes with snitch got it and now i’m giving it…

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Dear Inmate… Have You Found Other Butt Cheeks To Smash?

i guess this is for all jailbird loving foxes out there.
i don’t know if you remember him:


Young-Buck11well he was 1/4 of g-unit.
he went by young buck.
young buck is in the big house for three years.
apparently he is lonely,
has no friends.
and wants people to write him as he serves his time.
well cheer up buck.
an f-bi sent me his prison address where you can write him.
i’m sure he’ll be glad to read it…

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Frankie May Never Make Another Album Again!

well that was fast.
didn’t see this one coming in his story line at all…

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The 3 Things I Will Know Better

another daily prompt i wanted to try:

Take a subject you’re familiar with and imagine it as three photos in a sequence. Tackle the subject by describing those three shots.

Ok let’s go…

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mental homework (9)

…but after this comment,
i may start again.

i love a feel good story.
after the year i’ve had,
to read something like this makes me uncheck “GIVE UP” and recheck “KEEP GOING“.
ty came by and left this comment i felt everyone needed to read.
foxes especially.
he left it in “It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!
there is a message in it for you somewhere.
you’ll find yours…

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mental homework (8)

since today is sunday,
i wanted you guys to do an exercise with me.
one that you won’t even have to get up out of bed or off the couch.
well, you will need to get your computer or pen and paper

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