A Former NFL Baller Wolf Comes Out To Help You

well another baller wolf has come out the closet.
this time,
he left the nfl before he did it.
his story is a little different because he nearly killed himself.
the internal struggle was real.
a f-bi sent me the story via new york daily news

Former Patriots and Chiefs offensive tackle Ryan O’Callaghan publicly came out on Tuesday, saying that he strongly considered committing suicide before he received support from the Kansas City organization.

O’Callaghan discusssed the gripping, heart-wrenching journey he took as a closeted gay man in college football and the NFL in a piece by SB Nation’s Outsports.The story provides a unique window into the devastating toll the lying and hiding can have on an individual.

Now that he’s come out, O’Callaghan says he’s committed to helping those enduring similar struggles.

“As long as there are people killing themselves because they are gay, there is a reason for people like me to share my story and try to help,” O’Callaghan said. “People need to understand that we are everywhere. We’re your sons, your daughters, your teammates, your neighbors. And honestly, even some of your husbands and wives. You just don’t know it yet.”

O’Callaghan says he used football as a way to shield his sexuality from the world. And once his playing days were over, he planned on killing himself — unable to show his true self to his conservative family and friends.

In college, football was a great cover for being gay,” said O’Callaghan, who played with Aaron Rodgers at Cal before being drafted by the Patriots in the fifth round of the 2006 draft. “And then I saw the NFL mainly as a way to keep hiding my sexuality and stay alive.

“To me, it was a deadly serious relationship I had with football.”

that rest of article is deep.
one thing i realize is there are many who are silently suffering out here.
some use props,
like sports or even marriage,
to divert from their demons.
all these random cubs.
now see…
you racking up child support to prove your straightness?

i get so many emails from the dl.
questions or just someone to confide in.
the foxhole helps many who are not comfortable.
you guys have even helped me.
i have gotten comfortable in my own fur.

this is why i don’t condone outing.

it’s ridiculous how many are okay with that.
i believe if you drag someone out and they harm themselves,
you should be arrested and charged with murder.
it will happen one day.
simple as that.
let those decide when they are ready to come out.
i don’t know what is this obsession with outing.
it’s really bothersome.

it’s good to see ryan coming out to help those who need it tho.
i’m glad he isn’t trying to be some star,
but a solace in a community that needs it.


9 thoughts on “A Former NFL Baller Wolf Comes Out To Help You

  1. @King if you have any tips to properly get out those fade lines and get it really blended, I’d be super grateful! I’m not sure if it’s my technique or my 8 year old kit from ConAir that I got from Wal-Mart lol

    1. ^Dignified the model Broderick hunter has some videos up on his YouTube channel that may help you

      1. Hey mikey! Yes, I have seen his videos, and they were very helpful! I’ve been watching a lot of them, but I can’t quite get it to blend seamlessly.
        S/N: Broderick is fine though, that skin, those eyes, those lips,and he really seems like a cool guy to be around, down to earth. My type of dude!

  2. I remember going to the barbershop once and getting a few looks. I’m not fem but I’m.not exactly hood and seem to have an artistic style. Soon as I walked up in there…Some of them black wolves we’re looking stressed. One sitting in the chair was looking irritated because of my free style. It must be hard to pretend being the typical generic hetero male as an athlete. What’s worse.is having a girlfriend and referring to her as the Queen when you know you want a King instead…😐

    1. That’s why I’m grateful to say that I’ve learned the craft of cutting my own hair since I was 16. I’m not perfect but I’ve improved so much through the years. I’ve even learned how to fade my hair.

      Anyway needless to say my point is I hate the atmosphere in black barbershops. Too much forced hyper-masculinity, misogyny and homophobia in the gossip conversations that these men have in there. Basically anything that exemplifies “fuck boy” is what goes on in there. I don’t like generalizing but I’m just speaking from experience

    2. I´m going to echo the statements about the barbershops guys. I thought I was the only one.I got one that is pretty cool, he was respectful to me and treated me like I belonged, but unfortunately, he wasn´t the only one there lol. I stopped going because I felt like I don´t fit into the vibe there, and I already have social anxiety as it is, and that environment just sends it into overdrive,so, like 96 King, I am learning to cut my hair, I was rocking a fade cut, and its pretty hard to get it to look right, but Im at least presentable at the moment lol, but its worth it for me, besides, ive always liked being independent when it comes to my appearance, so it feels more fulfilling this way.

  3. It must be super hard being a fox or a wolf in the closet as an athlete. Its a highly charged adrenaline testosterone place where homophobia is rampant and invited. Hell, it stresses me out to go to the barbershop sometimes. Glad he came out.

    1. I feel you on the barbershop it used to and still does give me anxiety even tho everyone there is cool knows I’m gay. I go in there I’m quiet talk to my barber and keep it moving lol

  4. Pretty early retirement but at least he gets to live his truth. Tho in other sports its ok to be gay

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