I’d Love A Good Training From A Wolf Named Mike

i love the foxhole.
whenever i ask about a wolf,
i usually get a strong lead.
well i wanted to know who ^that was for the longest.
someone on the ig foxhole came through for me.
so his name is mike tucker and…

i lost my train of font.
that double combo of face and the meat had me in a state of confusion.
mike is a body building wolf from the state of maryland.
the crazy part is i random discovered him another way.
i didn’t realize who he was until i had to “do” him.
not in that way.
so mike is a lowkey acting wolf.
i bumped into this random web series and was like:

“DAMN WHO IS THAT?!?!?!?!??”

after my usual sniffing around,
i was led right back to mike.
the web series is called “social theory” and it came out in 2013:

…and he was also in a short film,
“hell on heels” in 2014 with a love scene:

i lost train of my font again.
well i can see why mike is flexing so hard these days.
he nearly lost that handsome face when he suffered third degree burns in 2015:

look at what God can do!
i’m glad everything went okay.
mike should get into more acting.
he has the face and bawdy i love lust like made for a screen.
this was him before:

i’ll allow mike all up in me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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